Irregular Thinking

Unicorns Can Be Trixy

Trixy - Unicorn Heel

There are many different variations on the iconic Irregular Choice unicorn heel, eventually I hope to discuss them all but for today I'm going to start with one of the most popular and more unusual versions: Trixys.

Trixy's come in three different colours, black, blue and a beautiful coral colour which are the ones im reviewing today.

I know it most cases the first thing people...

When in Gnome

When in Gnome Heel

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I thought I would start off my first review with one of my latest lucky purchases. These were acquired in brand new condition on a certain bidding website *cough cough*. I must say Im normally a standard size 40 (UK 6.5) when it comes to Irregular choice but I took a chance on a 41 with these and im so glad I did as they fit perfectly. After speaking with a few other Gnome owners...


Hello and Welcome,

Firstly thank you for finding this page. 
Over the next coming weeks and months Ill be spending my time here photographing/reviewing and answering any questions regarding my Irregular Choice shoe collection. I am no writer by any stretch of the imagination but this should be a great outlet for people to ask questions and take a look in detail at some of the brands most famous...