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Blushing Bird - Flamingo Heels

Blushing Bird - Flamingo Heels

I'm really quite excited to be writing this about my first pair from the S/S 16 collection! I had heard rumors a few weeks ago about amazing flamingo heels, but with the pending release of the Alice collection I thought it might have been tied in with that.

I know quite a few people had concerns about these heels and hopefully I can answer as many questions as possible...

Mr & Mrs Wedding Shoes

Mr & Mrs 'I Love You' - Wedding Shoes

Apologies for there being such a long delay between my last Christmas post and now, as the same as many it has been a very busy time. For my first blog of 2016 I thought I would dedicate to all the newly engaged ladies looking for something a little different when it comes to wedding shoes.

Now on my behalf I must admit these were very much an impulse buy, as I...

Jingle - Santa Heels


These Jingle shoes were released by Irregular Choice in December 2014. They follow the exact same mold as the Gnome heels which I reviewed HERE and this years Rudy Christmas heel.

The uppers are very similar style and shape to the well known Flopsies but this time come in a beautiful patterned velvet, available in a dark red or black.

There is no doubt that these are perfect for Christmas and...

Little Lammie


These little Lammie character heels were released at the start of 2015 and around the same time as the very similar styled BahBah heels. For this launch Irregular Choice also pushed the boat out released a matching bag in both black and white.

The style I'm about to show you came in two different colours also, a white with a stunning mermaid scale heel and tip and the black ones I'm about to...

Trixy - Christmas Unicorns

Trixy - Christmas Unicorns

Forgive me for posting a similar shoe so close to my last blog about the Trixy's (HERE) But with Irregular Choice reveling five new Christmas Heels I thought it was appropriate to write about my new purchase.

I decided to opt for the new Unicorns because out of the five heels Irregular Choice released it was the one that wowed me the most. IC have launched a new Christmas...