You've Got A Friend In Me - Irregular Choice Toy Story Collection

Welcome along to yet another Toy Story blog post. I keep saying that maybe this will be my last full blog about the Toy Story collection but I'm clearly lying to myself, I'm sure there will be another few blog posts about the collection before the year is out.

Anyway lets talk about the shoes. These are the only true character heels of the collection, I know the blocks are incredible but I personally would call them more of a concept heel. This heel is used a few times in the collection but each on very different pairs.

We spoke about the other pair last week. 'We Are A Toy' are a ankle boot with the same unique heels and the full review for these can be found: HERE

These shoes came in two different colourways, the outlandish patterned pair that we are going to talk about today and the black pair which ended up being an Irregular Choice exclusive. I was quite torn between which pair I wanted, as I'm normally all out for the bolder design but in photos I did prefer the black set. It wasn't until I saw them in real life that I appreciated them alot more than the stock photos.

Once again in this collection we have a pair that are completely mismatched, obviously each heel is different with one being Woody and the other Buzz but there is also smaller details on the shoe which are different. The hoops that the giant knot/bow sits in are different for each shoe. I'm not too sure how I feel about this but it does work.

Each shoe also has different lettering, The one shoe says 'Toy' while the other says 'Sotry' ok ok I get that it says 'Story' but it just doesn't quite read well at first glance, obviously we all know what it is going to say, and I'm sure the designers tried so many different ways of placing the letters but it just amuses me slightly.

If you read my other blog about the 'We Are A Toy' heels then you will know all about the amazing little details on them. For those of you who missed the blog each heel actually has the word ANDY engraved on to the bottom of the characters shoe. Buzz having his N the correct way round, while Woody has his N backwards. This ties in perfectly with the film and it's amazing to see.

At the front of the shoe we have an (almost) full character line up, each taking a position on the fabric. I'm quite lucky with mine and Mr Potato head seems to be the main guy at the front of my pair but I love the fact that each pair will be slightly unique depending on where the fabric was cut.

The heel height on these is a comfortable 10cm, now that may not seem all that comfy but they have a 1.5cm platform so they don't feel high or difficult to walk in, With them also being closed over I find them really secure on my feet which helps with the comfort.

Now I have heard alot of different opinions about the sizing of these, I was lucky enough to be at Lottie's for launch so I just tried on (and nearly ruined) a pair there and then. I went with my usual size. UK 6.5 (EU40) and they fit like a dream. I would consider these to be perfectly tts.

Now I have heard alot of people are needing to size up, and I'm not sure if that is because there isn't a set of laces. The cool cowboy style neckerchief at the front of the shoe is awesome, but please don't do what I did and instantly untie it ready to get my shoes on. It is NOT easy to redo and for me personally it doesn't make any more difficult to get the shoes on with them tied.

Overall a really nice addition to the collection, I'm always going to have a soft spot for character heels and these don't disappoint. I would love to know what you thought and importantly what size you took in these, did you find them TTS, sized up or sized down.

Thanks again for reading and I hope you enjoyed the post.

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