You're Invited - Irregular Choice Snow Globe Heel.

Katt Dandy

Today is the day! I am SO excited to talk to you all about these shoes. I think these are going to be one of the most limited edition pairs I will ever get the opportunity to own and I can't wait to share them with you.

Lets rewind slightly and talk about the whole launch that happened only yesterday. I think this has to be one of the most ambitious character heels Irregular Choice has every produced. I had no idea what to expect from this months launch I just knew it was going to be 'epic'.

This collection launched in true Irregular Choice fashion with so many different styles and variations to choose from. We were treated to seven different pairs of heels and two flats. It was nice to have an option for both this time so hopefully everyone was able to find something that was suitable.

The collection of heels came in four different styles, one pair of boots which I also opted for, the different colours in Chestnut which was a simple t-bar shoe with oversized bow and Carol Sell which came in another two colours.

I must admit I love the boots but did find the uppers of the other pairs of boots very simple. Don't get wrong the next pair on my list would have been the black pair of Chestnut but I would have liked to see something a little more out there aswel. But I guess a lot of those focus was going to be on limited edition pair.

Finally we have the shoe that we are going to talk about today. You're Invited was the complete star of the show for me. Extremely limited and only available in 130 pairs across all sizes around the whole world. I'm sure there is many Irregular Choice buffs that will know of this is one of the most limited launches in a while but I have to say that 130 pairs over 6 different sizes is nothing at all.

Limited or not I KNEW these would have to be coming home with me. The Irregular Choice website wasn't making any stock available for the first 10 minuets past 12 and I couldn't see it on many other stockists websites so I decided to give Lottie a call from Lottie's Shoeroom. Thank god she knew me well enough and had a size 40 with my name on it (figuratively speaking) and here they are in my hands less than 24 hours later.

For something so special I decided to do a LIVE unboxing over on my Facebook page. I had never done a video live before so was quite nervous but if you would like to see the full thing you can do HERE.

These are all singing all dancing Circus shoes. I think especially since the launch of the greatest showman people have really enjoyed the theatrics of the circus and that is exactly what these shoes deliver in abundance.

Right lets talk about these heels. A Snowglobe in a shoe! I never thought I would see the day being honest. I have couple of snowglobe brooches which blows my mind but this is something else. I think they were always going to be on to a winner with the cute little carousel horse but this just tops it off completely.

The actual carousel horse is beautifully made and pained and really is full of gorgeous colours. What I really liked about these is the glitter within the heel matches the little flecks of glitter that are in bedded into the red glitter base. This is a really nice touch for me and add something extra to the shoes.

Speaking of topping things off do you know these light up? For those of you who read regularly you will know I can take or leave light up shoes (mainly leave with £20 off please) but these have an on and off button! That is perfect for me! I can show off how cool my shoes are when I need to (not that I'm ever going to need to) but I don't have to have them flashing all the time.

Another interesting point about these shoes is the ankle cuff. This is something we haven't really seen in previous pairs of Irregular Choice and I really like it as an addition. It can be styled with and without but it doesn't make the shoes any less incredible if you decide to wear it without.

I must admit the more I kept seeing the strap the more I was worried that it wouldn't fit around my legs or it would look silly well I'm pleased to say that it fits no problem! There is three different holes to adjust the size and I fluctuate between the middle and the end one so for those ladies with larger legs it shouldn't be a problem.

As usual I ordered my normal size in these UK 6.5 (EU40) and they fit PERFECTLY. I mean better than I ever hoped perfectly. I think they run ever so slightly small, especially against newer designs, but recently I have found that most pair I buy have a little wiggle room. These don't have any which is perfect they feel so secure on my feet its like they were made for me.

Now my biggest worry with these was the weight, they are heavy to hold undoubtable because of the water. I usually find this style light and easy so I was a bit worried about these in my hands. I must say once they are on your feet you really don't notice the weight of them as much as I thought. I think they will take a little getting used to but after a few steps I was as confident as ever strutting around the kitchen in them.

Heel height. there has been much debate around this over groups as there is a few different heights going around. These in my opinion match all other heels of this type (Call my Cinder, Glissade, Birdcade ect) They are 14cm high with a 3.5-4cm platfrom. They don't feel overly high when walking in them but you do have to be aware of the platform especially if you as clumsy as me at times. Overall if you got on with the other pairs then you will get on with these.

So what do you think? Do you have any questions that you would like to know the answer to? Please let me know over on my Facebook or Instagram pages and thank you again for reading!

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