You Are A Toy - Irregular Choice Toy Story Collection

Welcome to the fourth installment of Irregular Choice does Toy Story. I'm sorry if you are a little bit over the whole Toy Story phenomenon but I'm still well and truly riding the excited wave for this collection and I'm trying my best not to keep buying more and more shoes from the collection.

These were the only pair I didn't manage to get from the launch. For some reason this time Irregular Choice decided to do some exclusive styles which meant I had to try and split my attention on being in store grabbing all the goodies and trying my best to be alert for my moment to shine in the long website queue.

Finally after what feels like an eternity they arrived this afternoon and I couldn't want to get started on the photos. At first glance I was very excited about these. I wasn't 100% sold on the fact they are completely different and the little ocd in me is still there but I do love them.

These were one of two high heeled boots available in the collection and in my opinion the most outrageous design. They don't have any of the flashing lights or sound effects but they are just bold in design alone. I love that. These seem very stereotypically Irregular Choice.

While each shoe follows the same design pattern they are almost completely different with very few fabrics being shared between each one. The front of each shoe is lines with a bright sliver glitter fabric which shines when you walk. The only other piece which is shared between shoes in the double fabriced frill. I would never have put those two fabrics together at all but somehow they just seem to work.

The remainder of each shoe is covered in some of my favourite fabrics from this collection. I'm sure your bored of hearing it but I bloomin love the character fabric in this launch! I wish we could have have every single character in their own fabric but that might have been a bit much.

Over the top of this fabric we have the stitched words 'Woody' and 'Buzz' which seems to have been a recurring theme for this collection, most of this collection has some sort of stitched wording on it. While I can take it or leave in on some things I think it really works on this piece, especially the Buzz pair!

Towards the back of the shoe we have THE character heels of the collection, now strangely this is where my ocd vanishes and I love the fact they they are two different heels. One we have Buzz in his full pace suit ready to take on anything that the world throws at him. On the other we have Woody in his classic cowboy outfit. It took me a while to get over the fact that Woody doesn't have a hat, as I wasn't too sure but I think I'm over it now.

I love the fact that these two are full 360 character heels, I know we have has some talk recently about the newer style characters only being 'attached' to the front of the heels and while I love both a good chunky character heel is my favourite.

Oh! I nearly forgot to mention one of the most amazing things about these shoes, and the shame is nobody will ever see it. On the base of each character heel we have the famous 'ANDY' scribble marking his toys. In true attention to detail the Woody heel has the N the wrong way around while Buzz has the N the correct way around. This lines up perfectly with the films and is something that really tops off the shoes for me. There was no need to do that, it's not for show or anything other than amazing attention to detail when designing the collection.

Is it wrong to have a favourite shoe? I think I love the Buzz shoe a little more than the Woody and maybe would have liked a full Buzz pair and a full Woody pair, but having said that I might have been tempted to buy both so I guess this saves me the pennies for other pretties.

So lets talk about sizing and fit. If I order online I always order a 40 and these are no exception. Fit wise they fit perfectly and are really true to size which is great. The only issue I have is my chubby legs. Now these are better than 'Space Ranger' which I will blog about later, but they are still not fully comfortable with them zipped all the way up.

I know I have chunky legs, there is no hiding that at all. I was just hoping that these would come down far enough not to be too much of an issue on my legs. Lately Irregular Choice have gotten so much better at catering for people with thicker legs but I understand it must be equally frustrating for those people who have thinner legs constantly being swamped as the sides get wider. I am going to keep these and just keep the zip maybe a cm from the top but just something for you to be mindful of when buying.

Heel height wise these are a modest 10cm but with a nice 1.5cm platform so these don't feel too high at all and it actually makes them a little lower than most of the other character heels which is great for those who don't want to be towering over in their shoes.

Overall I love these, I am a little saddened that I can't do the zip up to the top but I guess it is something that I'm used to. These are a close second for being my favourite pair from the collection and I just love how outrageous they are!

What do you think? Do you have these how do you find the fit?? Please let me know on our Facebook page: HERE

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