Yang Guang Pandas

Yang Guang - Pandas

 Irregular Choice released their Panda heel in late February 2015. The Yang Guang came in two different colourways, the classic black and white that I'm going to talk about today, and the slightly more outrageous blue/purple/multicoloured phenomenon. They also came out in a pair called Pin Yin again with two different colourways an amazing yellow and a more subtle black. The Pin Yin has a fully covered upper with a lovely string type lace that has been used it many other character design.

The style I'm going to walk about today has almost a full open foot design except for a simple strap ove the top. I don't know if anyone normally has problems with the straps (please get in touch if you do) but I always find them generous and strong enough to be a support. These are no exception, I'm not on the last hole, so they is room for movement and they are well secure onto the design.

Unfortunately I only own the Black pair of Pandas but i'm always on the lookout for other styles. I feel that the Black and White pair were the ones that were made in the higher quantity but I could be wrong.

The thing for me that stands out about these is the simplicity, I really love the monochrome look of them and when you see them in real life they are oh so soft and velvety. They could be easily pulled off as a normal shoe without question until you see the little Panda heel at the back!

I love the flashed of white over the simple black fabric, to me it reminds me of bamboo shoots sprawled out over the shoes, but I might be reading into that a little too much.

The Panda itself is so darn cute! Like a little mummy hunched over her newborn cub, I really like the styling and adding that little baby panda into the mix is something we haven't see before and it makes it all the more adorable.

As you can see from my photos my poor little panda had a bashed nose, this is quite common among character heels when they rub in the box (the tissue paper has been removed from this one) and as a result she looks like she is full of a cold. Nothing a little bit of permanent marker wouldn't fix but something to keep an eye on.

One of the reasons I think these are so popular especially now if the heel height. They have made a name for themselves as being one of the rarer lower heeled characters, So even people who have been admiring from afar want a pair. The heel is around 8.5-9cm which is around the same heel height as our friend the Lammies (You can read about them: HERE)

Now onto the sizing, in all Irregular Choice shoes I am a UK 6.5 (EU 40) and this is the size I managed to find these in. I think if I would have had the option on these I would have sized up, and I don't normally say that. The length of the shoe isn't a problem my feet are in and my toes are not getting crushed at the end, but its the edge that covers the toes. On my left foot in particular its really quite tight and would easily be painful for me to wear over a long period. I don't have wide feet at all but its really cutting in to my foot above my big toe. I haven't had time to stretch these yet, but Im sure once I do they will be alot better.

On an amusing note, did you know that these heels were also named after a real panda at Edinburgh Zoo? You can watch an amusing video of Yang: Here. The famous panda sneeze!

In conclusion these are a great pair for people who don't enjoy walking in taller heels, but you will need to size up especially if you have slightly wide feet. They are simple beautiful and oh so cute.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read, please let me know what you think and if you would like to keep up to date you can see our facebook page: HERE

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