Who In The World Am I? - Alice in Wonderland

Who In The World Am I?

Here we are again with my second and final Alice collection blog. Earlier this week I took a look at 'My Cup Of Tea' which you can read about: HERE Today's blog is going to be all about these beautiful boots called ' Who In The World Am I?'

I shared my brief thoughts about the Alice collection as a whole in my previous post so I am just going to try and focus on the shoes themselves this time around. This particular ankle boot style came in two very different designs the sequined beauties we are going to see today and a more subtle but still very striking blue and white striped pair. These were first shown to the world when Whoopi Goldberg wore them many many months ago, which started all the rumours circulating about Alice Two!

For me these emulate a 'Tea With Alice' vibe from the previous collection. A very simple upper, lots of sparkle and an cute little Alice character heel to top the whole thing off. 'Tea with Alice' was alot of peoples favourite from the last collection and I can imagine these going the same way.

The design for these is one of the most simple from the collection as a whole but once again I feel that Irregular Choice has outdone it with the fabric choice, making them look much more glorious than you would think. The fabric for these is a single piece of blue/green mermaid sequins the cover the entirety of the shoe. If you have the green 'Disco Bunnies' then you will know exactly what they are like as I'm confident its the same fabric.

It was quite difficult to do the shoes justice when photographing them, they were coming out very green as you will see from the photos, but the majority of the images I have seen online have shown them as being predominately blue. They can be in certain lights and I have tired my best to show how they can change colour with the light but I might have to try a small video to show them off a little better.

Along with the mass of sequins there is just one simple oversized bow placed over the top half of the shoe. This isn't made up of sequins but instead a very fine glitter which adds a completely different element and sparkle to the shoes. The bow does tend to stand out alot more when the shoes are not in direct sunlight, it allows more of a contrast of colours between the green and the black when the lighting is a little softer. Once again I have tried my best to show you this but my photos really aren't doing the shoes enough justice.

I was quite excited about the soles on these shoes, they are different from the soles that I had last time round, tho I do know these were available on a pair last time just not ones I managed to buy. I love them! These could be my favourite soles of all time, and I still love the fact that we get a different picture on each shoe! It all adds to the Irregular attitude.

I was a little on the fence about ordering these, as you know Alice Two didn't blow me over and a part of me thought I was just ordering them because I had a budget for two pairs, but once they arrived I knew that wasn't the case, I am 100% in love with these! They are simply stunning in real life and are not one of my all time Alice favourites.

I ordered these in my usual size UK 6.5 (EU 40) and they fit without a problem. I was slightly worried that I should I have sized down but I'm happy to report they are very true to size. When I originally put my foot in, I thought they might have even been a little small as my heel didn't seem to fit flush to the bottom of the shoe, but once I stood up and put my whole weight on them my foot shifted down slightly and they fit with ease. I would say that if you are between sizes that sizing up would be better than sizing down in these.

The heel on these is a lovely little Alice all hunched over and very humble. Its the exact same heel that has been used on the previous collections, although this time she seems to have been painted with a little more care and looks more beautiful. She sits at a modest 10cm and with a very very small platform of about 0.5 of a cm she is as comfy and easy to walk in as ever, the boots feel secure and soft on your feet and hopefully will give the none native heel wearing a little more opportunity to own a character heel.

In conclusion these are simple, beautiful shoes that hopefully are more accessible to those who don't appreciate a higher heel. They simply must be seen in real life to be appreciated so if you are on the fence with these, go for it!

Thanks once again for reading my thoughts, I love reading your opinions and reactions! <3

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