White Rabbit - Alice in Wonderland

White Rabbit - Alice in Wonderland 

Welcome to my second (and last) review of the Alice in Wonderland collection. This one admittedly a much more stressful experience in the build up to these beauties arriving with me today. My other pair 'One Lump or Two?' (blog here) were so much easier to source.

With the White Rabbit heels they had not been previewed until the actual launch. I had heard many whisperings about them and eventually taking to Instagram in the weeks running to launch to hunt some photographs down. I did manage to see a couple of glimpses and sneak peaks, enough for me to know that they would be the first pair I was looking out for on launch. Having not been previewed I assumed that like Star Wars they would only be available on the Irregular Choice website so I was putting all my eggs in this basket for this one.

I know the whole website crashing and alot of lovely ladies missing out on their beauties has been topic of much discussion. I don't really want to dwell too much on this. These things happen, I was working at 12pm so I was trusting someone else to get my shoes for me, and through sheer luck they arrived. We can only hope that this has been a learning curve for all and that a) things will improve for the next launch and b) I personally will worry less about it and relax come next launch.

Now onto the shoes in question!

Oh Wow! I was not disappointed when I opened the box, they were everything I was expecting and some. Sequins/Sparkle and Glitter what more could you ask for.

When they launched the Alice in Wonderland collection was made up of 17 different styles ranging from flats, to sandals and heels. The White Rabbit heels were released in two different colourways pink and black, and a further titled 'Im Late, Im Late' This one was the most expensive of the collection and a hot mess of sequins, beads and donuts.

As mentioned before I already had my eye on the white rabbit heels but didn't know about the black pair until after launch. While they are just as beautifully looking as the pink ones black is too much of a standard colour for me so it had to be the pink!

I was quite surprised at the price of these, and of equal surprise of the cost of the 'Im Late, Im Late' pair. I found these alot more affordable than Star Wars and hopefully that was due to Irregular Choice taking on a little feedback. This pair was only £30 more expensive than the last character heel which I felt allowed alot more people to consider buying a pair. Especially if you are like me and have a character heel collection.

I adore sequins on shoes and these are no exception. The pink shimmers in the light and really compliments the gold that disguises the wedge of the shoes. When trying to photograph them they kept changing colour in the light to a fantastic mermaid green. The front tassels are alot more shiny in real life but with the heart embroidery they just look so delightful and playful!

Onto the important sizing and fit advice. Having such a drama with the website (not to mentioned a limited budget) I had to make the decision on which size to get. I am always a EU40/UK 6.5 and that's the size that I ordered in these. I am extremely pleased to say that they fit my feet in perfectly! I don't know about everyone but even tho they fit due to the shape of the shoe I feel they are quite tight around the big toe area. This might just be me tho. If I were to size up in these they would undoubtedly be far too big, but its just something to be mindful of when buying a pair.

Fortunately there is a nice hidden wedge in these which is needed as they are quite high, and kindly make my feet look quite dainty and petite. Overall the heel is 13cm but with a 3cm platform it brings it down to a much more manageable 10cm (4inch) heel. They do feel very secure on your feet which I think always helps cope with the slightly higher heel.

These beauties, like the One Lump or Two pair come with a cute Alice box and the oh so adorable Alice in Wonderland tissue paper! The box is growing on me a little the more I see it but would have loved to have seen it a little more pattern based.

I must say that one of favorite parts of this collection is the sole. Its such a shame that its the part that's least seen. With these each foot contains a different picture which I think is such a lovely touch. On this pair both soles are stills of the white rabbit from the animated film, and easily one of my favorite soles that Irregular Choice have ever commissioned.

In summary, I adore these they are everything I could have hoped for, They are bright, playful and a standout pair for any collections. They feel secure and well fitted to your feet, just watch the odd rouge big toe. No need to size up (Yay) just make sure your not late for a very important date!

Thanks again for reading.
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