Up the Ante! - Christmas Heel

Up the Ante! - Dice Heel

Today we are going to take a little break just before the last Muppets blog and talk to you about the unexpected early Christmas launch from Irregular Choice.

I feel that every year Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier each year. Halloween is barely over and do with and people have their trees up and everyone is rushing around frantically trying to shop. I must admit this did come as a little mid week surprise on the Irregular Choice website. We had all been anticipating Christmas shoes but so soon after the Muppets we thought it would be another week or two.

The pair that we are going to talk about today is an Irregular Choice website exclusive and reworks the classic Dice heel into a more festive feature. We have become accustomed to a cheeky Santa character heel each year but as of yet nothing has appeared on the website, although we have had a lovely range of mid-flat pairs. Based on last years launch dates I feel we still have plenty of time for Santa to make an appearance so ill be keeping my fingers firmly crossed.

Now onto the shoes themselves. It's not unusual for us to get a non Christmas themed character around this time, a few years ago we were treated to two new Unicorn heels. I for one wasn't expecting another dice heel after the Vegas shoes earlier in the year.

These are a festive rework of the 2015 heel 'Throw a Six'. Like the previous pairs Up the Ante! also comes in two different colours, black and red. I missed out on the original pairs a few years ago so it was quite nice to be able to nab the new version.

I decided to go for the red pair this time simply because of how bright and colourful they looked in the stock photos. In real life they do not disappoint at all. I wasn't ready to be overwhelmed with them, I just assumed I would like them but the quality of the glitter really impressed me. The addition of the other colours really works well and helps accent the red perfectly.

Apart from the glitter there really isn't much else that has changed from the originals. Except the addition of two dice to each front bow. I do like these but they are quite heavy and cumbersome when you walk and I fear that they might get a little irritating after a while.

The heel height on these is the same as previous dice heels of 10cm. They don't feel too high to walk in but unlike other styles there is no hidden platform in these so be prepared to master the slightly larger heel height. If you own bunnies or unicorns you really shouldn't have a problem with these at all.

I ordered my normal size in these UK 6.5 (EU40) and was concerned as people had commented about them being a little small. This wasn't the case for me and length wise they fit perfectly in my normal size. I was worried at first they they didn't fit as they tongue from the inside of those shoe wasn't sitting right with my foot in it but once I sorted that out they fit perfectly and are even comfortable!

Thank you for reading! 
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