Unicorns Can Be Trixy

Trixy - Unicorn Heel

There are many different variations on the iconic Irregular Choice unicorn heel, eventually I hope to discuss them all but for today I'm going to start with one of the most popular and more unusual versions: Trixys.

Trixy's come in three different colours, black, blue and a beautiful coral colour which are the ones im reviewing today.

I know it most cases the first thing people want to know is do I size up?? Well im a standard size 40 (UK 6.5) in Irregular Choice shoes and thats the size I ordered in these. Now I must say they do fit perfectly but as they are brand new I need to wiggle my feet in to get my toes to sit correctly. I dont see this as a problem as I feel like they are secure on my feet when walking and after a few wears they should stretch into place.

I must say the photos really don't do any justice to the uppers they really are the most beautiful colour topped with a stunning glitter bow and embroidery details. The colour of these really doesnt come across in the photos I tried for ages to try and get the true coral colour to come through but you really need to see them in the flesh. Im not one for buying the same shoe in an array of colours but I think I would need to make an exception for these.

With regards to heel height these do feel quite high to walk in and measure 12cm which is the same as the Gnome heels I reviewed last week (find that blog here). They do feel alot higher than that and would reccomend them to people who are happy and confident in heels or if your like me and just deal with it because they are so beautiful!

Originally released in 2014 and uses the same mold as the more ''traditional' unicorn heel. The gold heel is very striking and at first I wasn't sold on the idea, I fell in love  with Eternal Friend heels from the very first look and these were a bit of a grower on me. The more photos I saw the more I loved them and now they are easily one of my favorite pairs tho I understand not everyone's cup of tea.

In short a must have for any unicorn obsessed individual like myself, tho you might have to brave sore feel if your not used to wearing heels.

If you have any questions or any recommendations for my next review please get intouch.

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