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Right this is a little new for me but today I want to talk about one of my absolute favourite small businesses! It's not very often that you find a maker in the UK who just delivers something completely different to everything else out there.

I happened to stumble upon the brand purely by accident as someone else was showing off a piece of theirs on the acrylic jewellery Facebook group. After no time at all the website was up and I was drooling over all the pieces.

Being slightly overwhelmed I really didn't know what to pick as my 'first piece' there was so much variety and all the amazing colours. After a while I found the 'Twin Fox' which is what I'm talking about today.

Each design is made in a variety of bold and beautiful colour schemes. Unfortunately the necklace I wanted looked like it was sold out in the colours that I loved. After a quick email to Phil the owner it was no hassle at all to get one made up. Within 4 days it was in my hands I couldn't believe the service!

Time to open the box, would I love it as much as I thought? I had put a great deal of expectation into this after carefully picking my design and colours. There was no doubt! I absolutely love it. Lovingly packaged with  care instructions and a branded fibre cloth for looking after your prized purchase, the quality and attention to detail is stunning.

Sometimes I worry about pieces that have alot of joining part as I feel they can move too much and become unpractical. This isn't that case with this piece. The item does flex but there isn't any danger of it starting to twist or sit awkwardly on the body which is great.

I have tried my best to photograph all the small details that make it so amazing in real life, which is why I have included one black and white photo which I think shows you all the little details on the face of the foxes.

Chains on necklaces are always a little concerning, I personally like to wear mine up quite high but I know alot of people like to have more of a chain. As standard with this it came with an incredibly sturdy gold chain but also an extender so you can make the chain alot longer if needed.

I find the original just the right size for me and it sits so well on me, so I wouldn't have a need for the extender but I think that it is such a thoughtful addition to the piece.

So what did you think? I know I have gushed slightly over this but for me, small independent businesses are such a great asset to the creative industry and with an excellent product and customer service it is nice for me to be able to showcase them.

Thank you again for reading. If you would like to get in touch please head on over to our Facebook page: HERE

If you want to check out their website its: HERE

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