The Death Star - Star Wars

The Death Star - Star Wars Collection

Well to start off this was the first collection that really excited alot of Irregular Choice fans. Not only because Star Wars has a massive following among both men and woman but because more importantly this was Irregular Choice's first collaboration with Disney. This would spark many a conversation and debate about potential collections in the future and now we know that Alice in Wonderland was next but we still don't know what could come afterwards. This also had the great advantage or disadvantage (depending on your outlook) of introducing many more people to the Irregular Choice brand.

The whole collection was launched at 12pm UK time on October 30th 2015. I think this was my first experience of such a launch. I understand now that this is common place when a new style is released admittedly on a smaller scale, but at the time I couldn't miss out I needed to see all the styles.

The collection was a series of 14 pieces, they was a little something for everyone in regards to comfort, flats/heels and boots all made up the collection. We got a teaser of 4 styles before original launch with extras popping up on various sites it all led to the excitement of launch.

Once all the pre-launch photos had been released I knew there was two that I would want, 'The Death Star' which we had seen photos of and 'Yoda' who we had not. Yoda being one of my favorite characters I thought this would be the one that wowed me the most. I was very wrong after launch all I could think about was this pair I'm talking about today.

I waited patiently for 12pm making sure I had my break at work at that time so I could grab a pair. At this point we didn't know how much any of the collection was going to cost so I had set a budget in mind for a pair, and I had a discount code for Schuh so I wasn't even trying to battle the mayhem of the website. 

Midday came and went and they were finally on the Schuh website but hang on how much?? Trust me to fall in love with THE most expensive pair in the collection. That was it no Star Wars shoes for me, these would be the one pair I wanted from the collection and they were far out of my price range. There was no way I could justify nearly £300 on a pair of shoes. Disappointment. 

Me being me tho I didn't let that lie. I was trawling through internet sites for months and months looking for a pair at a bargain rate. Eventually found some from America on a famous bidding site. Finally they were going to be mine! I was going to get a friend to ship them over for me to try and save out on customs. Little did I know that shipping would end up costing me more than customs so I ended up paying pretty much retail for them. (Lesson learnt) But all that aside they were finally here!

Now onto the shoes. I must say that the box and paper is simply my favorite! I understand with the plastic window the boxes lost some of their structural strength so alot of lovely people has squashed boxes but I was lucky enough to have one intact. But the paper... just wow! I love love love it! The same print is used to colour the 'Star Wars' on the box and I would honestly spend money on that paper I love it that much. Its a great mix of Irregular Choice and classic Star Wars characters.

The shoes themselves are very beautiful. I love the fabric that has been used on the uppers. In the wrong light it can look quite boring and black but once the light hits it you can see all the shimmer and pattern and this is something I have tried to show with my photos.

The unique heels for me is something of a selling point. I think this obviously added to the cost but I don't know if I would have loved them as much with the same heel on each shoe. The right heel is head of the infamous Darth Vader while the left is the classic Stormtrooper. The heels are very bulky and quite wide tho not heavy which is a good thing. I have heard of many people struggling to walk in them tho because of their width. The heels have a possibility of banging into each other as they are slightly wider then the upper of the shoe so this is something to be careful of when wandering about.

Overall the heels don't feel very high to walk in, the heel height is 13cm but with a good 4cm platform they are not as tough on the feet as some other character heels even tho you are quite far off the ground. 

Another key design feature is actually the shape of the platform, while it is simple its curved front and jagged back make it look really interesting, On close inspection you can see the lines across it as its made of up multiple pieces but I think this adds quite a bit to it and gives me confidence to walk on it.

Size wise, I am always a UK 6.5 (EU 40) in my Irregular Choice shoes and these are no exception. They fit perfectly in a 40 and there would be no need at all to size up. I feel that if you did you would really struggle to keep them on your feet as the back part of the boot is still quite low and they could slip off. I would say that they are not particularly suited to wide feet as mine fit quite comfortably but much wider and you might run into a problem

Each of the Star Wars shoes had a different sole but unlike Alice they were the same for both feet. I do like the fact that alot of the soles to the collection were a nod to older episodes in the series and doesn't focus too much on the new episode. The sole for this particular shoe curves round so you can almost see it from the front of the shoe. These are definitely soles that I would add protectors too as I feel they are too beautiful and unique to damage.

Overall I have no regrets for these, I wish I didn't have to wait so long to get my hands on them but as a Star Wars fan and an Irregular Choice collector I couldn't let this pass me by without getting a pair. If you comfortable in heels then these should be no trouble at all. I would walk with caution if you are timid in heels just due to the height of the platform but they are comfy true to size and so so beautiful.

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