Tea with Alice - Alice in Wonderland

Tea with Alice - Alice in Wonderland

Finally they have arrived! Much later than all my others! (You might remember I promised my White Rabbit review would be my last of the Alice collection) Well truth be told I didn't really build my hopes up too much of being able to nab a pair of these. I made the choice based on my budget for One Lump or Two? And White Rabbit. Tea with Alice was my third and final member of the wish list.

I was lucky enough to have quite a large voucher for Dolls Kill in America that I was saving so all my fingers were crossed that they would have the Alice Collection. Launch came and went with no sign of them and after a week of waiting I opted for a quick email. My luck was in and no only were they getting Alice in but they were getting in this specific pair! Yay!

There was no confirmed date for when they would go on the website so I had to keep checking back every few days and finally they were available. Quickly bagging them and checking out I forgot all about my 15% code and ended up paying full price (admittedly only £24 after my gift voucher). I was delighted.After a small wait and a not too painful customs charge they are here, with a mint condition box and perfect tissue paper!

Now onto the shoes themselves. If you know me at all you will know I'm very much like a magpie and love a bit of glitter, these shimmer and sparkle right out the box and I would even love them without the Alice heel.

Although the uppers themselves are really simple in their design they still manager to have the wow factor without being too overwhelming like some of the others in the collection. One of my favorite little touches is that heart shaped lace holes, and this was actually one of the very first things I noticed about the shoes.

Its my first experience of ribbon laces as I'm not normally the biggest fan but this are surprisingly thick and well made. In the time they I have worn them they have not come undone, which is always one of my main concerns. I just need to practice tying them to make them look presentable and even!

As with pretty much all my shoes I went straight in with my usual size of UK 6.5 (EU40) and these fit like a dream! You could tell from the photos that they were not as high as some of the other heels and you can really tell when they are on. I instantly feel no need to break them in and confident enough to wear them all night.

The heel is a beautifully shy Alice crouched over in her trademark blue and white dress, this is the same heel that was used in 'Flowers Cant't Talk' and 'Curious Feeling'. She sits at a modest 10cm and with no platform she is still a comfy heel. I had reservations about the width on the sole as only her feet touch the floor but this really isn't an issue at all when walking in them.

The soles depict two more classic scenes from the film, each foot like the others in the collection are different from each other and I think this definitely adds to the amazing character of the shoes even if you cant seem them all the time. The one is a close up shot of Alice, while the other shows her struggling to hold the bottle.

Overall these deliver exactly what you expect, simple design done very well with the added irregularity of Alice as a heel. Its hard to pick a favorite from the three I managed to acquire but I will say that my collection would be a much duller place without the sparkles.

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