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Irregular Choice Friends Reunited - Hunnie Bunnie

Welcome to the start of the blog posts you have all been waiting for. For the last five weeks we have been treated to some of the fan favorite shoes relaunched and this has come to a climax this weekend with the Friends Reunited week.

All this is in aid of Irregular Choice's 20th birthday and what a celebration we are having this year.

Those of you who know me know I LIVE for the character heels so...

Irregular Choice - Carpe Diem

Welcome to my first proper new launch blog post since Toy Story at the end of May!

Sorry for being a little absent and distant but the of launches hasn't helped that. We have gone the little lul of the year when all the sales come out (Yay!) but the new launches slow down a little. I'm never too sure how much people want to read about the older styles so I have been focusing alot on my 200 Days of...

Magical Maui - Irregular Choice Aloha Hula Collection

Welcome along to our EXCLUSIVE first look at the Magical Maui shoes and the Hula Dreams bag from the new Aloha Hula collection by Irregular Choice. 

The collection has launched just a few minuets ago, so we wanted to give you the first look and all important information to help you make up your mind. During this review we will have all the important sizing advice, heel height info and some real...

Arctic Roll - Irregular Choice

Welcome to the second installment of the ice cream sundae launch by Irregular Choice. Those of you who read often might have read my first installment of Deckchair Diva (which you can find HERE

I won't bore you all too much with the back ground of the shoes and the collection as I think I covered pretty much everything like that in the first blog, but we will take a little bit more of a detailed...

Deckchair Diva - Irregular Choice

Ice Cream Sundae Heels.

Welcome to the first character heel blog of 2018. So far this season we have been treated to a huge number of amazing new styles but this is the first chance we have had to see what the new concept heel collections are going to be like for the Spring/Summer season.

As we know from time to time we get an amazing new shoe but with a heel that we have seen before, or has been...