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Hello and Welcome! I'm not going to beat around the bush here. We are going to go straight onto the second blog of 2019 and I'm so so so excited to talk about these.

So a little bit of info around my workflow, normally I start by writing down all the little bits of facts and figured about a pair of shoes get them on my feet and start there. Once my 'inspiration' dries up I head off to take the...

Summer of Love - Irregular Choice

Welcome to our review on the latest Spring/Summer 2018 launch from Irregular Choice.

It might just be me but this season so far has come out with a bang! I already have a list as long as my arm and with launches getting more and more frequent it is difficult to keep up.

This one came as a little bit of a surprise being honest. Normally we are treated to a scheduled launch once per month, towards the...

Magic Pony - Irregular Choice

Magic Pony - Rainbow/Navy

Welcome to the ultimate bag blog! I'm so excited as I write this as I never in a millions years thought I would be able to own something so amazing! I have wanted this bag for as long as I can remember after missing out on the original launch a couple of years ago.

To me this is the bag to end all bags. This bag has been lusted after for so many people. For me it didn't...

Lady Misty - Unicorn Heels

Welcome to our blog post dedicated to everyone's favourite mythical creature. I have been meaning to write this post for a few weeks now but there has been so much Irregular Choice news going on this is the first chance I've managed to find the time.

These beautiful heels were launched back at the beginning of September along with the Stars at Night shoes which you can read all about: HERE. It was...

Ground Control - Pink

Ground Control

Hello and welcome to 2017 and a rare and unique blog on a pair of flats! Those of you who read regularly will know that I'm not really one for Irregular Choice flats, I find it difficult to justify the cost in comparison to heals, and I just prefer to spend my pennies on something crazy, that was of course until I saw these.

I first saw these start to appear earlier this week on a...