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All about Moi! - Miss Piggy Heels

All About Moi! - The Muppets

Welcome to the third and final blog all about our the recent The Muppets launch from Irregular Choice. I have decided to save the most outrageous for last as I know a couple of you have been waiting to read all about it.

Miss Piggy was the only character heel to feature in the collection although she did come in two very different styles. All about Moi! which we are...

Animal Was Here - Bag and Purse

Animal Bag and Purse

Welcome to the second blog post in the series all about the latest The Muppets collection. This is also only the third ever post dedicated specifically to a bag. Normally in collections the shoes are what takes my full focus but as the latest series of collections have been launched I have found I'm starting to love more and more bags.

The advantage to this is you always know...

Lady Misty - Unicorn Heels

Welcome to our blog post dedicated to everyone's favourite mythical creature. I have been meaning to write this post for a few weeks now but there has been so much Irregular Choice news going on this is the first chance I've managed to find the time.

These beautiful heels were launched back at the beginning of September along with the Stars at Night shoes which you can read all about: HERE. It was...

New Disney?? Irregular Choice does The Muppets

Katt Dandy

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We know the drill by now we all really really look forward to the latest Disney launch. Usually we get around two per year but we never quite know what's going to be coming next.

Only the select few are privy to the top secret information. Well earlier this year Irregular Choice displayed its latest collection at a convention in America and some photographs have surfaced online from what looks to...

Snowy Starlight - Unicorn Heels

Snowy Starlight

Welcome back to the newest instalment of our blog. It's been quite a while since we have seen any Unicorn shoes come up so I'm so excited to be showing these off today.

The last pair I ended up with was Christmas December 2015 our beautiful green Trixys (You can read that review HERE) so I am really looking forward to showing you all these beauties that arrived this morning.

It was a...