Irregular Thinking — exclusive

Erstwilder - Wilder West Collection

Finally after what feels like an small eternity we are back in the swing of things with a fresh Erstwilder collection to start off 2018 right. It's only been about 6 weeks since the last collection lined our pockets but with everything being so busy over Christmas and New Year it certainly feels like alot long than that.

This time we are treated to everything to do with the wild wild west! Like the...

Magic Pony - Irregular Choice

Magic Pony - Rainbow/Navy

Welcome to the ultimate bag blog! I'm so excited as I write this as I never in a millions years thought I would be able to own something so amazing! I have wanted this bag for as long as I can remember after missing out on the original launch a couple of years ago.

To me this is the bag to end all bags. This bag has been lusted after for so many people. For me it didn't...

Purple Ban Joe - Lottie's Atik Exclusive

Ban Joe - Purple

Welcome to the first full review of the amazing Purple Ban Joes, hopefully this will answer all your burning questions and concerns you might have before having to part with your hard earned cash.

First things first lets get to the really important stuff. These shoes are not yet on sale. They will go live EXCLUSIVELYfor Lottie's Atik tomorrow (14th of June) at 12pm UK time. I have a...