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Erstwilder - Art Deco Collection.


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Hello and Welcome to another Irregular Thinking blog! Today we are going to be once again talking about the latest Ertswilder launch.

It only seems like yesterday we were talking about the Endangered Animals collection. It fact it's a very quick turnaround this month as it has only been three weeks since we saw the last collection.

I know there has been alot of images floating around the internet...

Erstwilder - Peter Rabbit and May Gibbs Collection

Katt Dandy

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Hello and Welcome back to another Erstwilder review blog!

It's only been a few short weeks since our last brooch launch but for me it only feels like a distant memory. I know lots of you loved the Spanish collection but it didn't quite excite me in the way that this collection does.

This time Erstwilder have decided to completely overload us with two very different collections launching at exactly...

Erstwilder - Spanish Fiesta

Katt Dandy

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Hello and Welcome to another Erstwilder blog post!

It feels like it has been ages since I have written one of these, unfortunately I was away and missed the 'In Bloom' launch a few weeks ago so I think this might actually be my first blog post of 2019.

Having said that it has only been a mere three weeks since the last launch and with so much hype surrounding that collection it does feel alot sooner...

Erstwilder - Bones Brigade - Halloween 2018

Katt Dandy

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It's that time of year again where we talk about my favourite holiday. Halloween.

Hang on a second! Didn't we already do this years Halloween launch? Well yes is the answer but this year they decided that it was best to split it into two different launches rather than the usual one. Hopefully this is because they know how popular a Halloween collection can be but more practically this collection...

Erstwilder - Written In The Stars

Katt Dandy

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Hello and welcome along to the latest Erstwilder collection review. This one completely snuck up on me. We didn't seem to have any sort of sneak peeks right up until the Tuesday morning. Considering it launched first thing on Thursday morning that was leaving it a little late even for Erstwilder.

You might have guessed this collection is all about star signs, and was a little bit out of the blue. I...