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Happy 2nd Birthday!

It's our Birthday!

Today is the day, two whole years ago that we embarked on our very first and quite embarrassing first ever review post. We have come along way in the last two years and what once started out as a little sideline blog  because I enjoyed taking photographs has turned into something much much more.

I thank you all for taking the time our of your day to read our posts, comment on our...

Call Me Cinders - Cinderella

Call Me Cinders

This is it, the shoes that I have wanted even before I knew they existed. Ok not really but you get my point, these are the ones I have been longing for from the Cinderella collection. With the lack of character heels in this collection these were the closest we are going to get but my gosh are they worth it.

Due to manufacturing issues this pair were not available on the original...

So This Is Love - Cinderella

So This Is Love

Welcome to part two of our four part Cinderella series. I hope you enjoyed reading about 'Sparkling Slipper'. Today we going to be talking about the beautiful pair of 'So This Is Love' So this might appeal to you lovely ladies who aren't a fan of light up shoes.

Before we start, as you might remember from my first post I talked about how stressful I found not being in the country...

Sparkling Slipper - Cinderella

Sparkling Slipper - Silver

Well here we are at Disney launch number three, (well five if you count double Star Wars and Alice). This time we are talking about the much anticipated Cinderella collection. This blog will be one in a series of four focusing on Cinders so I hope you enjoy.

Normally I try and book time off work for big launches so I will be having a stress free and relaxing time trying to...