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Santa's Globe - Irregular Choice - Christmas 2018

Katt Dandy

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Hello and welcome to another installment of the Irregular Thinking blog!

It isn't even December yet but you can't seem to be able to escape that Christmas is everywhere! If you are trying to bury your head in the sand about it all then this maybe isn't the blog post for you. Today we are going to be looking at the brand new concept Christmas heels from Irregular Choice.

Every year without fail we...

Mystical Dream - Irregular Choice Slippers

Welcome to our first ever blog all about Irregular Choice slippers!

This is the first season that Irregular Choice have decided to launch a range of slippers. A welcome addition for most. I must admit that when not working I spend an obscene amount of time wearing slippers, far more so than any other shoe. For me it's great to be able to have something different and a little bit more robust to...

Mr and Mrs Clause - Santa Heels

Christmas Heels 2017

Well here we are again in the silly season time of the year where the pre-Christmas sales start and my bank balance cries out for help on more than one occasion. It's not all doom and gloom tho as Christmas can be one of the best times of year, certainly for me.

It does also mean I get to look forward to my favourite seasonal launch of the year (if only Irregular Choice did...

Happy 2nd Birthday!

It's our Birthday!

Today is the day, two whole years ago that we embarked on our very first and quite embarrassing first ever review post. We have come along way in the last two years and what once started out as a little sideline blog  because I enjoyed taking photographs has turned into something much much more.

I thank you all for taking the time our of your day to read our posts, comment on our...

Final Bow

Final Bow - Christmas Party Heels

While we wait in anticipation to see if we are going to get any more Christmas Heels I thought I would do a mini blog all about a pair of shoes that would be perfect for any Christmas party and of course brilliantly suited to any time of year.

The pair that I'm going to talk about today are the red version of 'Final Bow' but over the time they have come in a variety...
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