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Irregular Choice Friends Reunited - Hunnie Bunnie

Welcome to the start of the blog posts you have all been waiting for. For the last five weeks we have been treated to some of the fan favorite shoes relaunched and this has come to a climax this weekend with the Friends Reunited week.

All this is in aid of Irregular Choice's 20th birthday and what a celebration we are having this year.

Those of you who know me know I LIVE for the character heels so...

Forbury Gardens - Magical Gardens Collection by Irregular Choice

Katt Dandy

Tags 2018, bunny, dome, easter, garden, giraffe, heels, irregular choice, outside, perspex, rabbit, spring

Welcome to another new blog from our latest Irregular Choice launch. There are two times of year (besides Disney) that I look forward to each year for an almost guaranteed character heel, Christmas and Easter. With Easter only being a couple of weeks away now I was hoping that we would be treated with a new character heel design to add to my bunny obsession.

What I wasn't really expecting was a...

Magic Bunny - Irregular Choice

Katt Dandy

Tags 2018, art, bag, bunny, design, gold, handbag, irregular choice, love, magic bunny, pink, rabbit, sequins, strap

Well it seems like blogs are like buses, you wait ages for one then a few come at once. Forgive me but I was far too excited not to do a full review of this.

Today we are going to be talking about the Magic Bunny handbag by Irregular Choice. Those of you who have been a fan of the brand for a few years will easily recognise this bag as something that crops up on alot of peoples most wanted list.


Character Heels - How High??

Welcome to the character heel comparison blog that I have been promising for a long time. I finally managed to get a few hours free to photograph the 30 different Irregular Choice character heels I have, no easy task I'm now finding out. 

I have tried my best to include every unique heel Irregular Choice do but unfortunately I don't have every crazy heel that has ever been made so I have tried my...

Hoppity - Easter

Hoppity Easter 2017

Hello and welcome to our Easter blog of 2017. I know our last post was all about the amazing Rainbunnys but with it being Good Friday it only seems fitting that we again talk about a beautiful pair of bunny heels, or two as the case may be.

The pair we are going to talk about today were launched at the same time as the Rainbunny heels and also come with matching bags. Hoppity are...
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