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Erstwilder - Rocky Horror Picture Show Collection

Welcome to our regular Erstwilder launch blog. It feels like forever since we have been able to talk about a new range from the Australian company. In fact it has been a good 6 weeks since we last talked about the Ocean Vibes Collection.

Since then it has mostly been quiet except for a small launch in collaboration with Dangerfield (another Australian company) this was an exclusive range by them so...

Ocean Vibes 2.0 - Erstwilder February 2018

Welcome to the second Erstwilder launch of 2018. We were teased very late last year about a new Ocean Vibes collection and finally min February it has arrived.

At the moment it seems like everybody is jumping on the Ocean/Sealife theme which is why I think Erstwilder decided to launch a sneak peek so early. Obviously each of these designs form various designers takes weeks if not months to come to...

Erstwilder - Wilder West Collection

Finally after what feels like an small eternity we are back in the swing of things with a fresh Erstwilder collection to start off 2018 right. It's only been about 6 weeks since the last collection lined our pockets but with everything being so busy over Christmas and New Year it certainly feels like alot long than that.

This time we are treated to everything to do with the wild wild west! Like the...

Erstwilder - Halloween Collection 2017

Erstwilder - Halloween

Welcome along to my first ever non Irregular Choice blog post! I know this is going to be something a little bit different than normal but I really hope you love it and I would love you to pop over to our Facebook to let us know what you think!

For those of you that know me you will know how much I love collecting things along with everything a little bit quirky or vintage. I...