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200 Days of Irregular Choice.

Welcome to my attempt at 200 days of Irregular Choice. This is designed for me to break out of my comfort zone and show these beautiful shoes exactly as they should be - being worn. Each day I will wear a different Irregular Choice item (shoes, bags, jewellery) and show them off. As you know I have done blogs for many of my pairs (but by no means all of them) so if I have completed a full review...

Happy 2nd Birthday!

It's our Birthday!

Today is the day, two whole years ago that we embarked on our very first and quite embarrassing first ever review post. We have come along way in the last two years and what once started out as a little sideline blog  because I enjoyed taking photographs has turned into something much much more.

I thank you all for taking the time our of your day to read our posts, comment on our...

Who In The World Am I? - Alice in Wonderland

Who In The World Am I?

Here we are again with my second and final Alice collection blog. Earlier this week I took a look at 'My Cup Of Tea' which you can read about: HERE Today's blog is going to be all about these beautiful boots called ' Who In The World Am I?'

I shared my brief thoughts about the Alice collection as a whole in my previous post so I am just going to try and focus on the shoes...

My Cup of Tea - Alice in Wonderland

My Cup Of Tea - Alice Two

Finally Alice has arrived for the second time! We didn't have too much time to prepare for this launch which was both nice and slightly frustrating for everyone's bank balance. It did on the other hand mean that we didn't have to wait too long for the anticipation to build before seeing the whole collection.

This was one of the first launches that I havn't been able to spot...

Tea with Alice - Alice in Wonderland

Tea with Alice - Alice in Wonderland

Finally they have arrived! Much later than all my others! (You might remember I promised my White Rabbit review would be my last of the Alice collection) Well truth be told I didn't really build my hopes up too much of being able to nab a pair of these. I made the choice based on my budget for One Lump or Two? And White Rabbit. Tea with Alice was my third and...
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