Sweet Little Dumbo - Irregular Choice Disney Collection.

Katt Dandy

Hello and welcome to a very excited blog post. This is always the time of year that I look forward to when it comes blogging. It is Disney time!

Earlier today I went along to my first every Irregular Choice Disney launch as a VIP. I won't dwell too much on that as I would like to write about my experience today in a specific post as I have lots of photographs to show you.

I'm so delighted that I was able to make it today. With Dumbo being an Irregular Choice exclusive I thought it might be a bit of nightmare for everyone to get what they wanted online. Normally I have a launch day system where I wait in line with everyone else while at the same time frantically searching through independent stockists website trying to snap up as much as I can without having to pay 4 different postage charges.

This time I understand I was very fortunate and was able to be very relaxed (if not incredibly excited) about the whole launch process. I would love to hear how you found the whole process this morning.

I will be doing a few different posts over the next few weeks with lots of different pieces from the launch but I do feel that it was really interesting for Irregular Choice to do two different Disney collections at the same time. It certainly put alot of pressure on 'collectors' like me for fear of missing out and trying to divert the attention and funds between two collections.

I personally think that each collection would have stood up strong in an individual launch but I was relived that the collections were not as big as launches we have seen in the past. It was still a very tough choice for me to work my budget between the two collections.

I will go through everything I walked away with in my launch experience post but everything is being shipped back home to me as we speak. We flew down to London from Glasgow so I was only allowed to take one pair home with so I could blog about them.

It was a tough choice when it came to deciding what pair to bring back with me. In the end I decided to go for one of my favorite pairs of Dumbo heels.These were the first pair of Dumbo shoes we got to see in the sneak peek and for me these really set the tone for the collection.

Bambi was alot more traditional and soft where as I feel they could go a little bit more wild with the Dumbo collection. This is partly the reason I decided to talk about these boots first.

When I saw the first photos of these I knew I loved them but then I realized that each shoe was different and that topped it of for me.

These are full on classic circus platform boots, with Dumbo's face and 3D ears they are a real statement shoe. Each piece is individually stitched on and the detail in both of these shoes in incredible.

The 3D ears and collar are brilliant. I feel this collection has been full of 3D pieces and have been done really well, it just adds something extra for me and makes each pair a little bit more Irregular.

Size wise I went for my normal size UK 6.5 (EU40) and they fit perfectly. They are very true to size in my opinion but on the narrow side. That is great for me as I don't have wide feet but for those who do these unfortunately wouldn't really be suitable.

 These are also a great pair for those who love a mid heel. While the heels are 9.2 cm tall the platform is 3.8 cm high which means that in reality they are only 5.4 cm heels.

Overall for me these are exactly what Irregular Choice x Disney should be a little bit outrageous with a whole load of cute. How did you get on today? I would love to know what you think of the collection. Pop over to our Facebook and let us know what you think.

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