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Welcome to our review on the latest Spring/Summer 2018 launch from Irregular Choice.

It might just be me but this season so far has come out with a bang! I already have a list as long as my arm and with launches getting more and more frequent it is difficult to keep up.

This one came as a little bit of a surprise being honest. Normally we are treated to a scheduled launch once per month, towards the end, usually around payday. But this one came out of nowhere, it has only been two weeks since we had our ice cream sundae launch so I was expecting a little break before these arrived.

I had a feeling we were going to get something rainbow related this year as recently we have seen reworked designs becoming the norm. I was a huge advocate of doing something similar to the Shirley Bass rainbow heels with many people crying out for something low to mid heel and this is exactly what they have produced.

With the usual Friday launch set-up this was all in all quite a large launch! We were treated to 21 new items! 21 that is bigger than most normal launches. Admittedly not all of them were shoes but it was quite a shock to have so much choice.

Broken down into two mini collections we had 'Summer of Love' the rainbow heels which we are talking about today. These came in three amazing colours - green, pink and a greyscale version. Each of these colours came in four different forms. A shoe, handbag, pouch and purse.

The other part of the collection was 'Little Misty' a mid heeled take on the Misty Reins trainers. Again this came in three colours; black, pink and white. Each of these also had accompanying handbag, pouch and purse. As much as I am a huge unicorn fan I wasn't the biggest fan of these, something about the colours used put me off a little bit. Having said that I would quite like to save up for the pink colourway of the unicorn bag, those colours look stunning together!

You can see how these all add up to one epic collection, and the people who love to have everything matching will have a difficult time knowing which to pick first. It is also nice to have something for everyone as this does tend to cater to a variety of different budgets.

Admittedly because of the frequency of the launches I was almost going to sit this one out and wait to see if we were getting some sort of Easter heel later on in the month. Recent trends with shoe launches have meant that you do get a little bit more time to think about things and decide in a week or two once you have seen real life photos.

That was the plan with these, I was going to stay strong, I wasn't going to buy this time, I was going to wait. As you can tell that failed miserably. For me this time the hype around these shoes seemed to be like nothing we have really seen since the Alice collection, people were obsessed. My timeline was FULL of everything rainbow and unicorn.

It was then when I started to panic and get what we call in the brooch world FOMO (fear of missing out). I only really made the decision 10 minuets before launch. Knowing full well I can return the shoes at any point if I changed my mind I went for it, and I'm so glad I did.

The rainbow designs which were my favourite from the collection seemed to sell out in record time from most of the in dependant stockists and also the Irregular Choice website itself. Something which we really haven't seen happen that often anymore but none the less is still very nice to see as someone who loves the brand.

Anyway moving onto the shoes themselves. I decided to go for the pastel pair which surprised myself as green is a favourite colour of mine but I was drawn to these a little more, which I was talk a little more about later.

The main focus of the shoes is obviously the giant glitter rainbow that rises over the side of the shoe in four beautiful sparkling colours and resting on two incredibly detailed white fluffy clouds. It is the clouds for me that bring back the similarities to the Shirley Bass heels. They are full of stitched detail along with the beaded edges they really make the shoes for me.

Dotted inbetween the rainbow and the clouds are three gorgeous love hearts and three subtle stars. Both of which come in very contrasting materials, the hearts are a shimmering gold mirrored fabric where as the hearts are a deep blue glitter which compliments the rainbow. You can also find more hearts in a different colour on the heel of the shoe.

Behind all this we have the overall base fabric for the shoes, this is where I struggled on the stock photographs, especially for the green pair. Is it a crisscrossed almost scratched looking pink-purple metallic fabric that really captures the lighting amazingly.

Personally I think it works very well in the lighter colour of the pink but I wasn't fully convinced of it in the bright green which is actually what made the decision to go for these over the brighter colour. Similarly I love it on the shoes and the smaller pouches/purses, and in real life well on the pink one at least it is much nicer than the stock photos would suggest.

This is the first time I have ever had a pouch, they are deceptively big in real life and more than enough room in them to carry everything you need for a trip out, and personally works great for notebooks and a tablet. While the shoes might almost be sold out everywhere I found a couple of pouches left: HERE (Where I got mine from)

As for heel height these are around 7.2cm which is a very average mid heel height. They are the exact same height as Ban Joes so if you are happy walking in them then these should be a complete breeze for you.

I was a little worried about these as a couple of people have said they run a little big, which I am tending to find a little more this season. But having tried them on they are about TTS. The smallest amount of room at the back but nowhere close to being able to size down so that is great.

What do you think? Did you like me get caught up in the hype? Do you love them/hate them? I would love to know what you think! Thank you for reading!

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