Strawberry Fudge

Strawberry Fudge

I think I was certainly a little late to the Strawberry Fudge party and excitement. When Irregular Choice first released the shoes in September of 2015 I wasn't really take by them. There was certain aspects of some of the styles that I did like but then there was other parts of the design I couldn't get over. So I made the decision not get a pair when the launched and I thought I was happy with that.

It wasn't until a few weeks later that I saw this style in my local Schuh that I was a little more wowed with them, but like most things there was pairs I was hunting down more so I again decided to leave them. Fast forward to the December sales and here they were an absolute bargain price and winging their way to me for Christmas Eve!

Irregular Choice released this heel in a number of designs. Strawberry fudge came in this lovely deep pink/red and a much simpler black. Then there was 'True Love' which where much more overstated. Two of the designs possessed wings, inside them was a love heart with the words stitched 'I Love You' instead of the over-sized bow. And  finally the other two called 'Heart Stopper' while simpler in design were much bolder in fabric, and are actually a lovely shape but just not the print for me.

Lets face it tho, who as a child didn't dream of having light up shoes? Well these don't disappoint in that aspect. It is quick a quick flash when they do come on which does make them stand out. I can imagine on a night out or in a darker room they would look pretty incredible. I find when walking normally and not concentrating on them they don't seem to flash at all which is nice, this means that when your walking down the street they are not flashing everywhere, but as your stomp they come on so you can pick your moments on when to dazzle people.

I really dont think the stock photos did these much justice, nor the photos I have taken today, the oversized bow is the perfect mix of sparkle and smooth. I really love the velvet feel to the spots all over the shoes, although I feel the ones at the front need to be kept with care incase they scuff. Finally
 the sprinkle of red glitter covering the platform and in-between the bow finishes them off beautifully.

For these like most of my character heels I went for my normal size UK 6.5 (EU 40) and they fit like a dream. I was definitely say go for your normal size. What I will say for those people who are always in-between sizes is to be weary of sizing up, as the heel is so heavy I find that if they are a bit loose on you then are going to slip right off, especially in comparison to other heels. I think you would need a pretty sturdy heel grip to keep them on. 

The thing that did excite me about finally getting these and I know its quite silly but they were my first character pair from the A/W16 range, which meant that it was my first opportunity for the beautiful box and sole I had been admiring for months. Not a reason to buy shoes, but now they were mine I was happy they have a seasonal sole. 

For me these are extravagantly understated, of course they will wow, flashing heels or not, but they are simple, beautiful and not as shoutey as the other styles in this range. They won me over in real life instead of photos, but I hope my images are able to do them a little more justice,

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