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So This Is Love

Welcome to part two of our four part Cinderella series. I hope you enjoyed reading about 'Sparkling Slipper'. Today we going to be talking about the beautiful pair of 'So This Is Love' So this might appeal to you lovely ladies who aren't a fan of light up shoes.

Before we start, as you might remember from my first post I talked about how stressful I found not being in the country when Cinderella launched and I had to completely rely on people having stock when I landed. Well I can't stress enough how thankful I am to Denise from Labyrinth for this pair. I didn't even know  I was getting these until they arrived perfectly packed on my doorstep. The only thing she knew was my usual size and a little brief of what I usually avoid (Flat shoes, long boots) and look how well she did!

So in short these are my surprise shoes. I have never been more excited to rip open the box, especially because I didn't know what was inside. I had been looking at everyone's photos in various groups, thinking oh what about this pair or that pair, which would I like more. I think without a doubt these are the once I would have picked myself.

The first thing I noticed when I got them out the box I couldn't help thinking how small they looked, how elegant. Panic set in that I had been sent a small size by accident, but nope they were my size. I am quite used to having larger feel so it was amazing to see something look so delicate in my size.

The overall design is quite simple, but on these its easily the details that make them stand out from the crowd. The whole upper of the shoe is covered in a stunning gold paisley/floral fabric which is the sunshine gleams and shines like no other. They are topped off with a simple heel but covered in the most vibrant gold glitter, they combination of the two together shouldn't really work but somehow it does. It's only when the light hits the whole shoe they you realise what a good choice the two fabrics and textures are.

In the centre of the shoe there is an elastic strap covered by an shimmering oversized bow. It is not until you get really close that you can see the detail in the fabric of the bow. I have tried to do it justice with my photographs but you should be able to see the hints of blue/green along with the overall gold look.

For the finishing touches we have a lovely rose gold edging to the shoes which matches the sole edging and heel tips. I am very much a fan of all the new colours we are seeing for the heel tips and such, its such a simple addition but I really think if finished off the shoes perfectly.

On the front of the shoes we have beautiful detailed embroidery of the two famous birds from the animated picture of Cinderella along with the words 'So This is Love' the name of the shoes. I do love the birds at the front of the shoes, they are adorable, personally I could have left out the text at the front of the shoes and just had it on the side but I know I will more than likely be alone in this opinion.

Finally there is also a small quote on the side of each shoe that joins together to make a sentence. There has been alot of confusion around this and the stock photographs provided from Irregular Choice were very different to the ones people were receiving in the post. Originally the shoes said 'My heart has wings' 'and I can fly' which I love. Unfortunately Irregular Choice had said that due to production issues they had to change the quotes to 'You will go to the ball' 'Believe in the magic' which is very Cinderella. I do prefer the first quote but it wouldn't stop me buying the shoes as its not the main focus of the shoes. I do understand why people would be put off with the change but I would love to hear what you think?

Now onto the specifics, I mentioned before that the shoes have a elasticated strap which you have to manoeuvre to get your feet in. The first time I tried these on I thought it was a bit of a struggle to get my feet in, but second time I wasn't so shy about stretching the band. It does have alot of give to it and my feet slip in easily now. I love love love the feel of these on my feet, they are SO comfy. Alot of this has to do with the strap, it really secures my feet into the shoe and they are not going to slip off, I instantly feel they are attached while not tight at all and I could go straight out in them.

The heel height is 3,5 inches (9cm) which is very similar to alot of IC shoes and the same height as Sparkling Slipper but for some reason they feel much lower and comfier than many of the other styles with this height, they really do feel like you could go and conquer the world in them!

Size wise, I am always a UK 6.5 (EU40) and so are these, they fit without a problem. They do seem to come up a little big for me with a gap at the heel. I don't think its enough to size down in as the strap keeps them so secure there isnt any slipping and sliding about but if you are between sizes it might be beneficial for you to size down in these.

In summary they have been the surprise pair out of the collection, the pair I thought I wanted but didn't know how much until I saw them in the flesh. What do you think? Do you like them? What do you think of the whole Cinderella collection? I would love to know.

Thanks again for reading if you would like to read about 'Sparkling Slipper' you can do so HERE.

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