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Snowy Starlight

Welcome back to the newest instalment of our blog. It's been quite a while since we have seen any Unicorn shoes come up so I'm so excited to be showing these off today.

The last pair I ended up with was Christmas December 2015 our beautiful green Trixys (You can read that review HERE) so I am really looking forward to showing you all these beauties that arrived this morning.

It was a total surprise for these to be launched last week! Normally with this sort of thing we get a little pre-warning which is always nice. I knew we had unicorn heels on the way but I had no idea it would be that soon or be that much of a secret.

Luckily I managed to get my hands on a pair by calling around the Irregular Choice stores, but was only able to get them in a size smaller than my usual (more details on this a little later) but I was just quite relieved to get my hands on them as I don't think we will be getting a restock especially with MORE unicorn shoes hitting the shelves on the 8th of August!

For me these are a mix of two of my favourite designs the uppers of the Iridescent Vader from the Star War collection and the classic unicorn heel from Eternal Friend.

The uppers on these are really simple in design, one continuous piece of fabric with lovely stitched glitter stars covering both sides above the heel. The fabric used for these really does make it. I've said it time and time again that Irregular Choice and their fabric choices are really what make the shoes for me. I would never be able to think of the colour combinations and how they all work together. It's no exception for these. They catch the light perfectly and create a petrol coloured rainbow at every glance.

I think the only think I would have considered changing on these is the colour of the unicorns horn, I really had forgotten how much I love the original colours of the heel but for me with the silver trimmings of the shoe I think it would have tied it in a little bit more. Of course they still look brilliant with the gold horn.

The unicorn heels of the past have been known for being one of the highest heeled in the character collection, with the heels measuring 12cm. This time I am delighted to say while the heel height remains the same we have a 1.5cm platform which doesn't sound like much but makes a massive difference to the feel of the shoes.

As I mentioned earlier I ended up having to size down in these from sheer desperation. With these I have ended up with a 39 which according to Irregular Choice is only half a UK size down from what I normally wear. When I took them out the box they looked tiny! I'm actually really pleased I managed to get them on my feet ok. They are very snug and there is no chance of them falling off but they would be much better suited to me in the larger size.

In my opinion I would say these are treu to size which is great to see. So if any of you lovely people have ordered a 40 and would need a 39 I would be happy to swap, but failing that I'm just going to wear them in and hope they give a little!

I hope this has been helpful if you are on the hunt for a pair and I'll keep all our fingers crossed for next week when we get another instalment of unicorn beauty.

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