Savan and Fenella - Swans

Savan and Fenella

Finally we have Swans! I was so excited when Irregular Choice announced that we were getting some feathered beauties to add to our collection. Special releases aside I feel like its been so so long since we have had a new character to show, I think the last new addition, without revamps must have been the Flamingos last year.

It was only natural that I had to get my hands on a pair, or in this case two to add to my collection. I should be deciding between these pairs for one to keep as I have another pair coming that unfortunately wasn't available on the IC website, only through independent stockists and Schuh. After finally thinking I had made a decision, I photographed both pairs for this blog and now I'm yet again torn.

The Swan collection came in eight different varieties (including the ones not on the website) and three different distinct styles. Savan and Fenella which I am going to talk about today and Odette. Odette were so close to being in my basket aswel. They have a beautiful heart shaped front which I love and the black pair have an incredible petrol like fabric full of glitter and sparkle which again I'm in love with, but its the tassels that put me off this particular style which is a shame. Thats the only reason I opted for the other two.

I am going to talk about Savan first, as this was the first must pair I saw when looking at the website. All styles this time round have shifted from the norm and moved into a pointed toe shoe, which visually I love! Normally you can spot a pair of IC by the shame of the toe and this is something different which I always commend.

Completely covered is stunning sequins these are a show stopper without a doubt. Below the sequins there is a green glittery mesh like fabric which you can just about catch sight of. If you look very closely there is actually four different types on sequins on these, the smaller green is accented by a even smaller white sequin and the larger detailed gold have beautiful hints of pink to compliment them. 

All this is complimented by a beautiful bow, again in different gold sequins, it doesn't quite follow suit to the same shape as a normal IC bow by it works so well! These could easily be my favourite uppers of a character heel ever! We thought Irregular Choice had outdone themselves before but there are something else! 

Another personal favourite of this pair is the heel base, now I know this sounds off but IC have always used sort of a brown/gold/nude colour for the heel sole of all characters ans well sometimes that doesn't always go. These have a perfectly colour matched pink/coral and its brilliant! It was one of the first things I noticed, it ties into the rest of the shoe perfectly and really helps the swan integrate into the shoe a little more instead of having two contrasting pieces.

Onto Fenella, these were a pair that were in and out of my basket a few times, then do I get the black or the green? Well as you can see I went for the green which I'm very pleased with. They come with the same shaped toe as the Savan which is nice.

The fabric for Fenella is completely unusual, its made up of three really interesting fabrics, green matt glitter, a shimmering leather and an incredible iridescent fabric. They are individual strips of fabric woven together to create the most unique and intricate look for these, its brilliant. Topped off with a front which contains some new fabric again for the thicker tassels and a sparkly love heart button.

I have always said that its the fabric choices of IC that make a shoe and these are no exception, When photographing them the light was just shimmering and bouncing off the contrasting fabrics changing the look to the shoes and only complimenting the design,

I would really like to see your photographs of these if you ordered a pair as on the pair I am photographing today these look to be a few slight quality issues, while minor I would like to see how wide spread they are. At the very point of the toes, the glitter fabric has unfortunately lost alot of its glitter as its been pulled in, I personally as not too bothered by this but it is something we all should be watching out for.

Now onto the swans themselves. They are identical on both shoes, apart from the sole colour which I mentioned earlier, They are elegant and beautiful, just as a swan should be. The wings of the swans are a cute fluffy material while the neck stays smooth which is a nice touch. When I think of swans I oftern think of royalty and being a little regal so its nice that they are wearing a small crown. Both this and the bow on the body are covered in fine gold glitter which tops the whole look off nicely. They do come with a warning from IC that they gold glitter is fragile and should be treated with care when putting back in boxes or walking about as this could scuff easily.

As for the height of these, they are 11.5cm but do have a slight platform on both styles which makes them a little easier to walk in, they are a little higher than lambies but happily for most a tiny bit lower then the unicorns. I was actually quite surprised as the height of them as they dont feel that high at all when wearing them. They are stable and secure and I dont feel like I'm on the top of my toes like I can with some other styles.

Fit wise, I'm sure your all bored of me telling you I'm a UK 6.5 (EU40) in all IC and with these I'm no exception, they are true to size, in my opinion. Now this is where it gets a little more complicated, because of the pointed toe I love so much, it makes them feel very unusual on your feet. Not too small as a size up would be too much but your toes arn't always happy at the bottom. Because of the point, it pushed your big toe a little into the middle of the shoe which feels strange, I don't know if that is something that you will just get used to or something that will cause problems after an hour or tow of wear. I must say that this feels more prominent in my right foot than my left and strangely not as much in the Savan's. Its far more noticeable in the Fenella but its not sore or painful, just strange.

In conclusion, I hope you love these as much as I do! They are some of the most beautiful uppers I've seen in a long time and sets us all up amazingly for the rest of A/W 2016!

Thank you again for reading! If you have any comments of if you would like to send me photographs of your pairs please do so over at our Facebook page: HERE

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