Santas Ninth - Christmas Heels

Katt Dandy

Santas Ninth

Finally the time has come where we can officially start talking about Christmas, its December its no longer too early so it only seems fitting that today we are going to be looking at the AMAZING Santa heels by Irregular Choice.

It comes as no surprise that this year has followed in the delights of previous years and we have been treated to a Christmas concept heel. There have been many different designs over the years so its something that most Christmas loving fans are waiting for.

Understandably there was a massive buzz around this pair ever since we caught an early leak from an American stockist we have all been waiting patiently for when they were going to become available in the UK. These were released the same time as the new Squirrel character heel and the website and fan groups went crazy.

I think this particular pair sold out in minuets from the website, so I'm delighted that I decided not to take my chances and opted for purchasing these from an independent stockist 'Labyrinth'. Especially being on of the popular sizes or the sizes that are in limited availability it really was difficult for many to get hold of these so well done to you if you managed.

The design of these is very very similar to last years Santa heels, with the same overall design. I wasn't keen on last years heels due to the furry fabric and I'm glad I wanted a year as while the design is similar these look alot more refined and I love them!

There is one big difference between these ones and the ones from 2015 and that is the Irregular Choice 2016 show stopper. Rudolph's nose actually lights up on this pair! It seem that 2016 is the year that Irregular Choice really started to push the boat out on what they could achieve in light up shoes. I know we have had lights in shoes for a long time but mostly they were trainers and it seems every new release at the moment has this feature. Not that I'm complaining.

The overall design of the shoe is very simple. One design of fabric covers the whole of the upper with some embellishments from the red trim and fancy antlers. Those of which are actually fully attached to the shoe unlike in last years design. The brown fabric from this is lovely, it has a softness to it which is nice but not too much like last years. It really sparkles aswel, you can only see that in certain lights but it has such a beautiful shimmer to it! It's stunning.

As for the heel, well this is a tried and tested heel for Ic with many a Christmas design and even a rework Gnome design have made it into the collection over the years so we know exactly what to expect from such a handsome chap.

They are the same height as previous years with a 12cm heel. I will say with these that there is quite a hidden platform at the front of the shoe which helps them in making them feel a little more comfortable but they are not for the novice in heels unfortunately.

Size wise, well this is where it all starts to go down hill. I am a nearly always a UK 6.5 (EU40) in Irregular Choice and you might remember if you read my blog from last year that the Jingles heels came up a little small so you could size up. These on the other had are huge! I can walk in them on carpet but I think they are going to need toe pads or insoles before they make it outside. I don't know if I would fit in a complete size down, but even then the chances of finding a pair are slim to none so I am going to have to make do. My recommendation if you do manage to find a pair is seriously think about sizing down or if you are inbetween sizes go down.

Overall these are amazing shoes! I'm a little disappointed about the fit, as I would have liked them to glide onto my feel like a glove but they are so beautiful to look at and when I get the right help I know they will be comfy to wear too! This might be my favourite Christmas heels.

If you are still on the search I really hope that you manage to find some intime for Christmas, if not there is always next year!

Once again Thank You for reading and if you would like to see my review from last year you can find it: HERE

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