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Katt Dandy

Hello and welcome to another installment of the Irregular Thinking blog!

It isn't even December yet but you can't seem to be able to escape that Christmas is everywhere! If you are trying to bury your head in the sand about it all then this maybe isn't the blog post for you. Today we are going to be looking at the brand new concept Christmas heels from Irregular Choice.

Every year without fail we are treated to a selection of amazing Christmas shoes from Irregular Choice and this year is no exception. Earlier in the month Irregular Choice launched the start of their festive range with a few fan favourites and the return of the Christmas baubles.

I think that that point everyone thought they were going to be done for Christmas but that wasn't the case at all. On Friday at 12pm we were treated to three more designs from the company. One mid heeled shoe, and outrageous gingerbread house boot and the pair that we are going to be talking about today.

We all know how much I love a character heel and for me Christmas is a guaranteed time for one to appear. In previous years we have had the usual santa heel with different uppers, so was expecting something similar for this year. We also had the penguin launch earlier in the year which can also be used as a Christmas/winter heel.

The fact that we ended up with neither and got a completely outrageous snowglobe heel was a bit of a shock. I'm delighted it was something different to the previous years but I also feel that it was only a month ago we had our first ever snowglobe heel and it seems very soon after to have another design.

This does seem to be Irregular Choice's go to at the moment as this year we have had three launches with the 'glass heel'. Having said that I do think this is the one of the most outrageous pairs to date. It is so busy and there is so much to look at.

The concept of these is very traditional. Simply presents underneath a Christmas Tree. The design works its was up the side of the upper in spectacular fashion, with the bottom area around the toes being a selection of wrapped gifts and the top being a full decorated tree with baubles and lights.

I do quite like how this is a very 3D pair of shoes, the tinsel, baubles and small gifts all hang off the three rather then being very flat and sewn into the design. I have tried to take as many close up photos as possible so you can see what I mean by this.

It wouldn't be Christmas if the shoes didn't light up now would it?? I'm bored of saying that I don't 'like' light up shoes but I'm delighted to say that these have an on ans off button. Press it once and each time you stop you quite literally light up like a Christmas tree. But one more press and you can rave to your hearts content and nothing is going to light up the dancefloor.

This is a perfect compromise for me. I love weird and wonderful shoes but I just don't always need them to light up, so having this on and off feature is brilliant.

The other thing about these is obviously the amazingness of the heel, and actual working snowglobe with not only little round pieces of snow but cut out silver snowflakes. These are brilliant when you see them up close and I've taken so many photos so you can see all the little details in each heel.

Now onto the sizing and fit advice for these. I ordered my usual size 40 and they are slightly big. Nothing major and not quite enough to size down (I think) but this is seeming to be a trent with the newer designs. These fit me like the new coloured ban joes for example. I was torn a little if I should send them back and size down in them because they are heavier than normal shoes so I was worried they would slip off me feet.

It's been so far so good with that tho, and they haven't really come off (apart from a freak accident where I was shaking them to get a photo and they come off and cracked a kitchen tile - but I will leave that for another day) so my advice would be if you are between sizes, size down but most of us should be able to get away with our normal size.

Now as I mentioned earlier they are a little heavy. Personally it's not something I really notice when I have them on but those of you that are used to lightweight shoes might struggle a little. My advice would be just to go for them, they are nowhere near as bad to wear as what your telling yourself. They just feel like normal shoes when they are on your feet.

So what do you think? Did you go for these or any of the other Christmas shoes? I would love to know what you think. Pop over to Facebook/Instagram and let me know! Thank you for reading.

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