Rocky Hopper - Irregular Choice Penguins.

Katt Dandy

Hello and welcome to the blog post alot have you have been asking for, and for many of you the pair of shoes we have all been waiting for.

For those of you who follow Irregular Choice a few months ago we got a teaser of Dan Sullivan working on what looked like a mid height character heel and this is the result.

I know so many people have been waiting for a mid height character heel for so long, the last one was the squirrel heels back late last year so this has come as a welcome addition to the community that have been asking for this for months.

This launch took us all by surprise as we have only had the snowglobe heels two weeks ago and the Disney launch announced last week, along with a small Halloween launch inbetween. October has already been very tough on the bank balance and it is not even the end yet.

For this collection we were treated to the usual variety of shoes, boots and a bag. Two different styles of shoe, one boot and one back. I ended up spending a little more than expected as I couldn't pick which pairs I prefered.

My absolute favourite from this collection is the pair I'm going to talk about today, with my second favourite pair being the same shoe but in the greyscale colourway. These shoes are stunning, no doubt about it. They were also sold out on the Irregular Choice website within the first five minuets a sight we haven't seen in a long while.

These shoes are a glittery pastel view into a snowy scene. Alot of people, myself included wondered why these were not the chosen heel for the Christmas launch but no doubt there will be more surprises closer to the time.

Now onto the heel, how bloomin cute is that penguin. I wasn't sure how I would feel about him holding a bouquet of flowers with all the different designs but looking at them now it really is a nice touch. It is an adorable heel and one that will keep people talking for a while yet.

I have said it before and I will say it again it really is the fabric choices that make these shoes so amazing. The petrol like iridescent fabric used on the heel of this has to be up there with one of my all time favourite fabrics they have ever used. More of this please!

The thing I have noticed with alot of pairs this season is that Irregular Choice have changed the way they are using the sole. Previously it used to be a picture all the way up the shoe but now the sole is more dis shaped which allows for another excellent use of glitter fabric.

Lets talk about heel height and the bit that everyone wants to know, the height on these is 9.2cm which is to the top of the heel not the top of the penguin. These also have a 1.5cm platform making them only 7.7cm tall, one of the lowest character heels to date.

Trying these on I expected them to be comfortable, they are a low heel and with a strap, that is two pretty big plus points for me. They didn't disappoint, they are perfectly comfortable and really do feel like a low pair of shoes. For me these rub slightly on my ankle bone like alot of Irregular Choice but that is nothing that can't be fixed with a little heel raiser. 

Size wise I went for my usual size UK 6.5 EU40 and they fit perfectly, fractionally loose which i'm becoming used to in the newer Irregular Choice but with the strap my feel feel secure and aren't moving around the shoe at all which is perfect.

Overall these are ana amazing pair of shoes to add to anyones collection, all my reservations about people not loving them as there was so many other launches happening was washed away when everyone saw how delightable this collection was.

I hope you enjoyed my review and I would love to hear what you think. Please always get in touch via our Facebook or Instagram. Thank you for reading.

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