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Hello and Welcome to only my second blog post of 2017! It has been a really busy start to the year with having to move and getting organised. I feel like I have missed posting about some really amazing shoes. Hopefully I'll be able to catch up with everything in the coming weeks so please let me know if you would like to see a specific shoe.

Today I'm going to be talking about the AMAZING new bunny heels launched by Irregular Choice last Friday (31st of March). We didn't really get alot of warning with these ones tho there was a couple of photos and rumours flying about just before. So soon after the equally unexpected mermaid heel launch (which I will try and get covered in another post) I really didn't think that we would be sitting here talking about a new pair of character heels.

As I'm sure most people know character heels are my passion! My ultimate favourites within my collection so I was completely won over when I heard we were getting new Easter bunnies. I didn't even need to see them I knew I would be lusting over at least a couple of pairs.

For this launch we saw the introduction of  two new styles in five different colourways. The pair I am going to talk through today were available in both pink and blue. When I heard there was going to be a blue option I convinced myself that they were going to be the ones that I would buy. We had already seen the pink colourway from Irregular Choice and assuming the blue was going to match the heel of those I thought it was a no brainier. Unfortunately when launched they were alot darker than my mind has imagined them. Nothing wrong with that at all but I much preferred the pink option.

The other pairs they came out last week were called Hoppity and they came in three glorious colours with the bunnies to match. I managed to grab a pair of those so I'll save my thoughts on them for another time.

I was unbelievably excited for these to arrive on Monday and honestly I wasn't disappointing. You can see from the stock photos the sheer level of detail on them and they really is outstanding in real life. The uppers comprise of two iridescent fabrics littered with pom poms, bows and sparkles.

Shirley Bass was one of the sell out styles from a few years ago and these certainly remind me of them. The heel and toe covered in a cloud shaped fabric with the beautiful four coloured rainbow arching over the toe. The flowers leading up the side of the shoes have been well stitched and add a little extra detail to the uppers!

The bunny heels have previously come in a cute white/pink finish and the extra outrageous gold, but this is the first time in a collection that we have seen different coloured character heels. Personally I LOVE them! They are everything I could have wanted for them. Fingers crossed we get a couple of up and coming collections with the jellybear effect as the heel. Personally I'm hoping for Unicorns in multiple colours.

Now onto sizing, I bought these in my usual size UK 6.5 (EU40) and they fit absolutely fine. I know people seem to want to size up in characters but there really is no need with these. They are not too snug on my feet, in fact there is a little gap at the back of these but nowhere close to being able to size down in them. So please buy your normal size, if you are between sizes I would be inclined to go down in size.

The heel height of these is the same as previous bunnies if my facts are correct. The heel comes in at 11cm which is slightly lower than unicorns but alot higher than say pandas or the lambs. There is a hidden platform on these which does help alot with tackling the height issue that alot of people have.

I seem to have quite a high arch as these do tend to rub on my ankle bone ever so slightly so I will need to get a small insert co combat that. Apart from that they are very comfy and sturdy. I find the bunnies one of the easiest to walk in as they feel solid like a wedge.

Hopefully this has helped any of you who had unanswered questions but always feel free to pop us any more questions you have over to our Facebook page.

Thank you again for reading!

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