R2-D2 Flats - Star Wars

R2-D2 Flats - Star Wars Take Two

Welcome to my first ever review of a pair of 'Dolly' shoe flats. The keen eyed in you will remember that in my last blog I talked about how I'm not the biggest fan of this style of flats, that is correct but after seeing them I had to give them a go and see what all the fuss was about and that's only fair correct?

The pair that I am going to talk about today are a Think Geek exclusive and if you are a little take by them they still have all sizes available HERE. Please be mindful that while delivery to the UK is free you might get stung with customs (which I did) which increased the total by an extra £32.

Before ordering them I couldn't quite work out if they were glittery, sparkly or had a matt finish as the design of the fabric. The latter was correct, they don't contain any glitter but that doesn't mean they aren't striking shoes.

The shape of the shoe follows the standard recipe used by Irregular Choice, of a completely flat sole but with a small 1cm heel, which you wouldn't notice at all when walking in them but I think it helps make them look alot more finished and like a professional shoe. The uppers of these are made of one singular piece of fabric around the front, and unlike the glittery flats available in the UK, the R2D2 isn't stitched on but simply printed onto the fabric. 

If you follow the shoe around, through the stars printed onto the side, the rear of the shoe is covered in a lovely soft deep blue material with 'Star Wars' stitched onto the back of each heel. This is really a nice finishing touch, I think this will make them stand out from the back aswel as the front.

I have heard many a story about needing to size up in this style of flats, including many ladies who either had to sell on or stretch their original Star Wars collection so I was a little nervous that they wouldn't fit or would cut into my heel. I am also a UK 6.5 (EU 40) and in this case an US 9 in all my irregular choice shoes, and this is the size I stuck to with these. Im glad I did as they are perfectly true to size, they fit like a dream.

They are much more comfortable then I imagined, you need to be careful when sliding your feet in as the Artoo comes quite far up but once they are on they feel secure, soft and well made, which is what you should be expecting from the price.

I do really like these shoes, the colour with the silver is simply beautiful in real life, but for me I simply can't justify the price for the amount of wear I would get out of them. I know alot of people wear their flats every single day and that's how they should be worn, I would feel guilty about these sat on the shelf being unloved in fear of damaging one of the most expensive pair of flat shoes I'm likely to own. I am please to say that these are now making their way to a new home where no doubt they will be loved dearly.

It was a bit of a gamble buying them, knowing how I felt about the style vs price but I'm glad I did. It has given me a new appreciation for the quality and comfort of the range, but for me I would like something with a little more detail. This pair might not have been for me, but I will certainly give the style a second glance when new styles are released and maybe I will find my first keepers.

In conclusion, if you are on the look out for flat shoes, these are you guys. They are true to size, comfy and so adorable it would be difficult to pick anything else. I would seriously consider ordering a pair while you still can.

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