R-Series Vader - Star Wars

R-Series Vader - Star Wars Take Two.

First off, thank you all so much for taking the time to read the last blog on 'Battle with Artoo' its made its way to my third most read blog ever in only a week, so I'm very grateful about that.

Among the 16 new pairs of Star Wars shoes launched there was more of a lean towards flat shoes than we have even seen with previous collections. Half the new stock was flat shoes, which obviously increases its potential to alot more people. It was nice to see them do something a little different to the 'Dolly' style flats that they released last time.

The two pairs of flat shoes that caught my eye instantly were the trainers, They were something completely different to the first Star Wars and the Alice range but something we are used to seeing a little from the Iced range of Irregular Choice. I ended up with both pairs of trainers and will be reviewing the other pair a little later on.

The pair that I'm going to talk about today are my first ever pair of Irregular Choice trainers, I have previously stayed away from the flats as I don't always feel that the 'Dolly' style shoe warrants the money for me, but I understand they are easily some peoples favorite part of any season. So with them being my first pair I was stepping a little into the unknown with everything, but it seems to have worked out for the best.

The R-Series Vader trainers were one of the four shoes that was announced before the launch so we all had a good chance to have a look at them for some time before the actual day. I admit I was very taken aback when I saw them. I for one wasn't expecting anything like that to come out of this launch. From the reaction it had over on our Facebook page and the Facebook fan groups I knew they they would be a much sought after pair.

This had made my mind up about the second pair I was going for at launch, at the time I didn't know about the queuing system so wanted to have a plan in place and these were second on that list. Worst comes to the worst I could always return them but I wasn't going to regret missing out on them without fully seeing them in the flesh.

They arrived exactly a week after launch, which I think is good going considering the amount of orders Irregular Choice must be having to fill out right now. They arrived with two other pairs (which I'm going to be reviewing later) and they are easily my favorite pair out of the three.

They are so so much nicer in the flesh and all my slight concerns about the styling were washed away as soon as I opened the box. The detail on them is simply stunning, something we are much more accustomed to from heels but something I haven't ever really experienced with trainers. They are nothing short of a work of art.

Being nearly 30, ok ok 27 and slightly on the curvy side (to be polite) I thought my time had come and gone to wear trainers so bold and amazing, I thought I was going to look like such an idiot wandering around in these. Well they are much less gaudy than in the stock photo and well, I'm in love with them now so they can't go back I'm just going to have to wear them everywhere.

When the laces are fully done up it can become quite difficult to see the Darth Vader embroidery behind, which I think is a complete shame but that could just be when they don't have feet in them, im sure you will be able to move them around and create a fit that it suitable for you while showing off the incredible embroidery.

The little pocket just over the back of the shoe is so adorable, it is actually a functioning pocket although I don't think you would get much in there but in my head it should be used to keep a little spare change incase you need something urgently. That's just me tho, what would you use it for?

With having reasonably long feet, I always worry that they are going to be wide and long and make me look like a fool, well even looking at them now I'm surprised at how small they look, They are neat and narrow, but don't feet it when they are on. they don't bulge out over the sides of the sole which is what I was expecting.

I am always a UK 6.5 (EU40) and I don't tend to mess about sizing up with shoes as I think I would regret it if they didn't fit. The same applies to these, I ordered my normal size even tho I have heard that in the Iced collection you should size up. Well I'm so happy I did, they are comfy and with enough room to wear slightly thicker socks if needed. They are so roomy inside but not quite enough that I would recommend sizing down, I would just rather wear them with slightly thinker socks, and lets face in with the Scottish weather that's the most practical solution!

In conclusion, but these shoes! Irregular Choice have completely outdone themselves on these. They blew me away when I first saw the photo and then again when I got them out of the box. Nobody was expecting anything like this and it makes it all the more incredible. If you are still on the fence about them I recommend buying a pair while you still can and seeing if they make you smile when you see them in real life.

Thank you for reading. I will be posting the other four pairs later on in the week but I will leave you with the link to the previous Star Wars blogs.

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P.S I forgot to mention that they flash when you stomp!

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