R-Series Artoo - Star Wars

Star Wars - Take Two

I promise I'm nearly done with all the Star Wars shoes, I only have a few more designs to show you which will be coming later this week/next week then we are all done until the next big release. Which is probably a good job as I have so much more to show you.

The pair I'm going to talk about today are the second pair of trainers that Irregular Choice gave us with this release. Unlike the Vaders we hadn't seen this pair before the 12pm launch so it was a little bit of a shock. A nice shock, but something else we weren't expecting.

I am the first to admit that I panicked a little when it finally came to getting onto the website, as I didn't know about the 20 minuet browsing time so I felt a little under pressure to make one transaction and as quickly as possible. First time around this didn't make the cut, I was ready with my two pairs in the basket and was ready to check out. Then going backwards and forwards for far too long meant that I caved and ended up buying them with the other pairs. The worst that was going to happen was that I didn't like them and they were going to go back.

The more pictures I saw the more I had realized I had made the right choice in ordering them, I needed to see them in the flesh before I could truly make up my mind if they were for me or not. I knew I was only going to be keeping one of the trainers so they would have to fight pretty hard to win me over from the Vaders, 

They are very beautiful trainers, when taking them out the box you can see the instant appeal, the pastel blue and pink colours are something we are not familiar with in relation to star wars but they work. The Iridescent sparkle to the front of the shoe just tops it off. I don't want to be making too many comparisons to the Vader trainers as I don't think that's fair but they are alot simpler and don't quite hold as much detail as those but that's ok.

Artoo takes up pride of place along the full back heel of the shoe, as it is a single piece of fabric rather than stitched on it allows for alot more flexibility and movement which you would need with them almost being boots over trainers.

The rest of the shoe it made up of a lightweight chainmail like material, very similar to the material that was used on the 'Battle with Artoo' pair of heels. This is combines with simple Silver and Blue glitter stars to finish off the whole effect.

These too like all other Irregular Choice trainers come with a flashing sole when you walk, because of the nature of the pastel colour the flashing on these doesn't stand out as much as it has done on previous versions, for me that's a good thing as I can take or leave the flashing to be honest. I think that's me showing my age a little but it wouldn't bother me if they didn't flash. I have tried to get the best photograph I can of them flashing. 

Now for sizing information, I am always a UK 6.5 (EU 40) in Irregular Choice and these are no exception. They fit comfortably with enough room for a decent pair of socks but not too much room that you would feel the need to size down in them. I know many people struggle with the sizing of the ICED range but it finally seems that they are becoming more true to size and less of a guessing game which is beneficial for all.

In summary, these are lovely and beautiful but they don't make me gush over them like the others in the collection, they will be some peoples ultimate favorites but unfortunately they are just not me. I'm a little too old and self conscious to wear them outside and for that reason, they have gone back to live with all their other friends at the Carnaby Street shop (in exchange for some other goodies I might add). If you have them I hope you love them because they do deserve to be in a good home.

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