Pow Bang - Irregular Choice Star Power Collection

Katt Dandy

Finally we have the first launch of Autumn/Winter. You might have guessed that it has been quite quiet over here lately waiting for the new collection to launch and here we are.

I can say now that it is officially worth the wait. You know the old saying about busses well it seems to have happened with shoes this time. Between the new designs coming out and this launch yesterday morning it is safe to say I love this season already, some of my favourite pairs will be coming to the blog in the next week or so. Let me know if there is anything you want to see.

Lets get onto this launch, it was the usual 12pm on the last Friday of the month, so it wasn't a bit surprise when we say a sneak peek last Wednesday but I didn't know how much this sneak peek was going to blow me away.

This is was a whopper of a collection, we have a new heel design, a combination of shoes and boots and even a couple of bags to add to the mix. It was one of the largest collections we have seen in a while. 10 pairs of shoes and 2 bags makes it really difficult to pick your favourite.

Within those 10 pairs we had a real mix of different designs. Three 'Pow Bang' boots in various colourways, one of which we are going to talk about today. Two amazing mermaid shoes 'Mer Magic' which come with the matching bags which I just couldn't resist so you might see a blog about a pair of those soon. Two aptly titled 'Smiley Faces'  covered in exactly that and the final three are 'Tip Toe' which are a slightly unusual bright disco faced shoes.

As soon as I saw the preview I knew that I had to have the boots, there was no question these were going to be epic. Obviously I didn't get to see the other colours until launch day but after seeing all three the greyscale pair completely took my heart.

I managed to order quickly with Lottie at 12pm and they are here with me, less than 24 hours later which always amazes me! I was so excited to get into the parcels and see what everything was like in real life.

Those of you who know me might have thought that I was a sure fire lover of the bright shoes but like a good photograph sometimes an amazing grayscale image just stands out much more.

For me I love how all the colours on this contrast and compliment each other. I know alot of you will completely love the outrageousness of the vibrant ones and while I love them these just won me over a little more.

On this collection we are also treated to a brand new heel. Not quite a character heel but I love anything that is new and exciting and these are exactly that. From the back you can't quite tell that they are supposed to be a star but as you move around the shoe it becomes alot more apparent.

The design of these boots are based around the more traditional comic books. Which is where the 'Pow' and 'Bang' come from accompanied by the traditional star outline. The stitching on these is amazing, very detailed with each different fabric making up a different layer and overall they look incredible.

I wasn't sure I was going to love the little crystals that make up the words as they are not usually my 'thing' but they actually really top the shoes off nicely, it adds something a little extra instead of just having another type of fabric.

Sizing on these, I ordered my usual size UK 6.5 (EU40) and they fit perfectly. I would say these are very much true to size. I was a little worried about boots fitting around my legs but these seem to do a pretty good job. They are a tad tight when fully zipped up but nothing major.

The heel height on these is around 9cm so about the same height as 'Nick of Time' so around the high-mid range. Being boots I never really feel the heel height the same as with shoes so these are perfectly fine for me to walk around in, but might be slightly more suited to those who don't mind a taller heel.

Lastly lets talk about these soles. They are incredible. Easily my favourite box and soles ever! I do slightly wish it didn't have the words on the sole but I can completely live with it. I hope we see so many more things designed with this sole as I'm going to need EVERYTHING with it on. (Fingers crossed for tights)

Anyway....Overall these set off the new season with a complete bang (no pun intended) I adore them and I hope you do too! I would love to know what you thought of the collection and any real life photos of your pairs! Thanks again for reading.

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