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Bunny Character Heels

Welcome to possibly the last full review blog of 2017. I thought it best to end on the ultimate high, well for me anyway. Today we are going to talk about a pair that were my ultimate ISO for as long as I can remember. Today I have only just realised that I took the photos for this blog back in August but I have never gotten around to publishing the finished blog.

Fluffy Tails were launched back in November of 2014 a little while before I had really fully started to collect Irregular Choice. They came in two different colours pink and black, and were launched the same time as the infamous Trixy unicorn heels which you can read all about: HERE

Now I mentioned earlier that I had been searching for these for absolutely ages, hunting and prowling on the online groups as much as possible but they ever so rarely came up for sale but I persevered not really thinking that I would be able to get my hands on a pair. Especially in the stunning pink colour as they seemed to come up for sale much less frequently than the black.

It wasn't until a very kind hearted member of a Facebook group told me about a pair for sale in a size 42 (two sizes bigger than my own) that I was finally able to get my hands on a pair. I can't thank her enough as she was even kind enough to pick them up for me and have them shipped on. For me it shows that even if you think a pair is beyond your reach that you really shouldn't give up hope one day they might be all yours. 

I could barely contain myself when they arrived and was hoping that I wouldn't be disappointed. It's safe to say I am not! Even now 6 months after they arrived I'm still in complete awe at them. They are everything I had hoped they would be and more, and I would say that these are possibly my favourite pair in my collection even tho in reality that probably changed a couple of times a week.

The full upper part of the shoe is covered is gorgeous two tone pink sequins which align perfectly to make a polka-dot effect over the whole shoe. For me the best part of these shoes comes at the heel, which as the name suggests is a cute little fluffy white tail which hovers over the bright gold character heel bunny.

I love these because of the t-bar at the front of the shoe and the lovely curved shape of the toe. I always prefer the heels with the more closed over fronts as I find them much easier to keep on your feet when out and about and overall these just give me so much more confidence being secure. 

Heel height wise these are some of the taller pairs of character heels so they are not for the faint hearted if you are trying to wear them all evening long. They are a good 12 cm heel but with a nice hidden platform of around 2cm to ease the pain a little bit.

Size wise its quite hard for me to judge these as I did deliberately buy them two whole sizes larger than I would normally. Now obviously they are quite big on me but not as huge as I was thinking they would be. I imagine I could easily wear a 41 aswel as my normal size 40 without any problems

In conclusion I absolutely love these shoes as you might be able to tell. I think I will forever be on the hunt for a pair in my actual size for for now I'm completely content knowing that I have these beauties to look at every single day. If you can manage to get your hands on a pair then you won't regret it. These are my ultimate purchase of 2017!


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