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Paw Print

I must confess for a crazy cat lady I don't have nearly have enough pairs of cat themed shoes! In fact these are the only pair of cat shoes that I own, but what a pair! I mean there is a whole kitty, as the heel! I do however have my first pair of Irregular Choice cat sunglasses on their way to me from Irregular Choice SA so all is not lost.

Paw print were originally released in March of 2014 which admittedly surprised me a little because from the look and feel of them I thought they were going to be much older. There was five different designs in all. Two matched the pair that I'm going to talk about today but with different animal prints, two were much more open and sandal esque in a lovely yellow and black. Finally the last pair was a little combination of the two and actually my favourite pair from the collection with a deep blue and floral print. 

Today's pair are really quite simple in design, one full cut of fabric, with a beautiful rose gold edging. At first glance the fabric seems quite simple, a zebra print with a slightly pink background. As you examine closer you can see that the pink gradually fades to a blue, something I hadn't really noticed until photographing them today.

What you also don't see from the stock photo is actually how cute the fabric is, its actually soft and furry like an animals coat which is quite a nice little touch. I have tried my best to show you in my photos but I really don't think it comes across until you actually see the photos in real life.

The cat heel itself is a strangely none symmetrical kitty sitting politely waiting for attention. All in white with little hints of pink (similar to the Flopsy heels) sits almost awkwardly on the back of the shoe. Leaning slightly towards the right in posture it makes for interesting looking. The cat comes all smarted up with a very deep purple ribbon tied into a bow at the front. The cat on these shoes comes with almost all blue eyes which tie in nicely to the hint of blue in the fabric of the uppers.

These are one of the very few pairs of character heels to come with an open toe. Something I was quite apprehensive about at first. I find with all open toes shoes that under my weight my feet get pushed further and further down the shoe and end up with a cutting feeling around my toes. Admittedly these are no different for me. They aren't instantly comfy and this is because of the open toe. Now I understand this could be something that just happens to me, as millions of shoes world wide are sold with open toes and people still buy them, so if you are used to them and don't mind them then I don't see this pair causing you any issues.

In Irregular Choice shoes I'm always a UK6.5 (EU40) and for these I am no exception, they are a teeny bit snug but they feel secure and stable on my feet and I wouldn't size up at all, I can see my toes fit nicely at the front of the shoe and if they were closed toe, they would be comfy. The heel height is 12cm so the exact same as Unicorns, Bunnies and Gnomes.

If you are used to walking in this height of heel then these should be no problem for you, they are stable secure and don't feel like they are going to slip off you feet. If unlike me you find comfort in open toe shoes then there would be no concerns in grabbing yourself a pair of these.

As you might be able to tell from my blog these are nowhere near my favourite pair of Irregular Choice, I feel like many people love cats so much they could explore a cat character heel in more detail with better refinement. The cat itself looks rugged and I would love a more polished version. I was surprised at the date of these and I feel they are dated and don't come up to speed like some of the older styles.

It is also a heel that Irregular Choice haven't reinvented - like the Unicorn or the Bunny, so I would quite like them to have another go at cat heels, all isn't lost, they hold strange and unique qualities and I'm desperate to hear your opinion if you own a pair (or if you are searching for a pair)

I hope you don't feel like I have been too negative on these, I do like them, I don't love them like other pairs but I have tried to provide honest and accurate feedback for anyone who is looking for them, and I would quite like to have a different pair from the collection to see if I get on any better with those.

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