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Palomas Prop - Woodlands

Following on from my blog about our friend Norbert the Gnome, I thought it was only fitting to continue on the theme of re-releases before we get the delights of the A/W range. So that means today I am going to talk about Palomas who made a surprise return to the website and stores about the same time as Norbert.

From what I can gather they were originally released in October 2014 which was the same time as the very similarly designed Gulliver heel. Unfortunately without the amazing embroidery detail but still with one of the most incredible heels I have seen. After missing out on a pair on eBay a couple of months ago, (they went for an incredible amount) I was delighted to get my hands on a pair of Palomas while I wait pa intently for pair of Gullivers to make an appearance.

I often think that these were the first ever pair of Irregular Choice character heels but that's not right at all, they just possess a design and thought process they hasn't yet been repeated. They are easily one of the most unique heels that Irregular Choice have done, not based on an animal which is normally the formula, instead it is a beautiful woodland scene almost carved into the heel.

For me these are also the pair that would divide even the most adamant lovers of the character heel, its quite a Marmite shoe in general. Admittedly myself when I first saw them I wasn't too sure, but like most shoes I now long for the longer I look at them and the more photos I saw the more they started to appeal. They are unique even for IC and nothing compares to them and that's the sort of design I like to applaud. Its nice that we have bunnies in many different designs, but it is equally nice that we have these in so few that they really are a work of art.

With my photos I have tried my best to capture the detail in both the heel and the uppers. While the uppers look at first glance just plain black once again, IC's choice of fabric really finishes off the shoes nicely. The fabric itself is very soft and smooth and towards the front and rear of the shoe the indents in it make it looks like bricks with them getting smaller and more concentrated towards the middle. Topped off with a really thick rope which doubles up as a sort of lace concept, it makes the uppers a little nicer than just plain black.

The heels are without a doubt the main attraction of this shoe and it really does look like its been craved out and hand painted and I have tried my very best to capture this in my photos, The very heel of the shoe is a large tree supporting and protecting the rest of the scene. There is also a brightly painted hut and my favourite addition is the little bear on one side of each shoe. On my pair especially they are both slightly different which I think adds something to the unique feel of the shoes.

As regards to the facts and figures, the heel height of these is 11.5 cm and with most IC there is a slight concealed platform of 2 cm which makes them alot easier to walk in. They are a complete wedge so even with the heel height they feel secure and they aren't challenging to walk in which is good. Because unlike most other heels they have a full pattered sole they do seem quite slippy to walk in on carpet, I would recommend giving them a good wear in or putting on extra grip sole protectors just incase.

Size wise, I am always a UK 6.5 (EU40) and because I bought these off a lovely lady I didn't have the option to be picky on sizing. I got them in my usual size and they fit with no problems at all. There is plenty of room and because of the rope tie they are slightly adjustable for different feet so it gives you a little bit more flexibility.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about these and if you have any suggestions on which pairs you would like to see up next please let me know.

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