Ornate Agador - Birdcage Heel

Welcome to our blog post dedicated to Ornate Agador the birdcage heels. I have a little backstory of how these came to be with me so I hope you enjoy.

A couple of months ago the lovely Denise from Labyrinth put out a request that was a little bit different to normal. For us ladies like me who love a bit of a surprise she offered a service where you emailed over a budget and a list of likes and dislikes and she would pick a surprise pair for you.

Now those who read regularly will know I love anything outrageous and irregular. That was pretty much my only stipulation; make it crazy. Finally 29th of September arrived and I was told me shoes had arrived in stock! I was so excited and I couldn't wait to see what they were.

Over on our Facebook page I posted a very cringey unboxing video of the moment I saw what weeks of waiting had brought. I was so excited and even now I'm absolutely delighted with them.

Of course on launch day there was a variety of styles to choose from with three different colourways of 'Ava's Aviary' two different colourways of these 'Ornate Agador' and finally two different colourways of the boots Maya. Now I must say I'm not a lover of boots as they don't suit me but bloody hell I'm obsessed with the photographs of the Maya boots! Stunning in every direction.

We were also treated to a Birdcage bag which is completely out of this world in my opinion. I've yet to see one in real life and being honest I'm not 100% sure how practical its going to be but I really don't care! I love it.

Now onto the shoes themselves. For this pair I have tried to photograph as many close up images as possible to really show you how simply gorgeous they are.

The overall layout of the shoes is a similar wedge design to Call Me Cinders or the Glissade shoes of the previous seasons but this time we have a brand new twist. Instead of a perspex wall hiding in a delicate little last we have a full metal birdcage.

Inside the heel we have a beautiful little songbird perched on a beaded swing. Underneath is little with a multicoloured array of flowers. At first glace I thought the beads of each 'rope' were all the same colours but I noticed with one of the pair that they seem to be completely random colours which interests me.

The heel and the cage really do feel very secure on the shoe and even tho they do come with a slight warning in the box I don't think they will be easily broken or anything like that. I gave the bird a really close look and again it seems to be secured on excellently.

You will know by now that I'm obsessed with the fabric Irregular Choice use and these are no exception. The upper is covered wholly in one stunning peacock esq fabric that really has to be seen in real life to be appreciated. Its stunning and with another fabric used for the bow at the front they compliment each other perfectly.

I know I'm gushing quite a bit about these but they have really been one of my favourites for a long time and so easy to photograph you wont be disappointed with these in real life.

Heel height wise these are exactly the same as the wedges that come before them. With a heel height of 14cm and a platform of 3.5cm they are tall but not overwhelming. I find them incredibly easy to walk in as the wedge is particularly light so your not clunking about and dragging your feel around.

As usualy these came in my usual size UK 6.5 (EU40) and I must admit are huge. I need to size down in these easily. I've found lately I'm becoming more of a 6 rather than a 6.5 in the newer styles but after trying on my older pairs I can confirm it not my feet! My advice would be to size down unless your on the bigger side of your size and for those ladies who are yet again disappointed there is no size 42, you should be able to fit into a 41.

Overall I'm sure you have gathered by now I'm in love with these shoes. They are brilliant and even tho my bank balance isn't I'm so happy with the was Irregular Choice are going with all the new exciting styles that have come out this season. They are staying true to their name and I love it.

I hope this has helped if you are still on the fence about a pair. Size down if possible and wear the hell out of these!

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