One Lump or Two?? - Alice in Wonderland

One Lump or Two?? Alice in Wonderland collection.

Finally after weeks of taunting us and showing us little sneak peaks here and there we finally have a fully launched (if not a little problematic) Alice collection.

Unfortunately with living in Scotland I'm unable to get down to any launches so like the majority of customers I was forced to rely on the internet to provide me with my beauties. I had picked out two maybe three styles I wanted from the official photos and leaked images so I knew what I was searching for. When the website wouldn't play ball I quickly opted to order from Schuh who have always delivered great service for me. This time was no exception, ordered without a worry and they are sitting here with me the very next day! (I do still have one pair to come directly from Irregular Choice).

When they launched the Alice in Wonderland collection was made up of 17 different styles ranging from flats, to sandals and heels. This particular design was available in shoe form and an elaborate boot form called 'All Mad Here' which has a very different style and feel to it but shares the same interesting cup and saucer heel.

One Lump or Two? was a definite for me after seeing the photos. I was pleasantly surprised at the price. When Star Wars launched the only pair I truly lusted after was the most expensive in the collection and I had my fears it was going to be the same with these. I feel that the Alice collection was more appropriately priced and gave people more of an option to buy with them being only £30 more expensive than the latest character heel and less at the high end range.

I was holding my breath when I opened the box: Will they wow me? Will I like them as much as the photos? I can officially say yes! I love them, they are every bit as amazing at the photos even with a few hidden gems that I had not seen. For example sewn into the heel is the words 'We Are All Mad Here' which is my favorite quote from Alice. With the other shoe saying 'You're Just My Cup Of Tea' It isn't overpowering either so it doesn't distract from the shoe.

Personally I was a tad underwhelmed by the box, although nice, it was more Alice and less Irregular Choice for me. Especially since the star wars boxes were simply stunning. I loved the clear window in the Star wars boxes but its nice to see the listened to feedback and didn't put one in the Alice box too. It looked amazing but kept breaking and people were unhappy with damaged boxes.

The tissue paper on the other hand is adorable and I love that to bits! For me it was more about what the box should have been about. I wish they would give me more so I could maybe do something with it, as they are always nicely thought out and in this case matches the shoe interior in silhouette form.

Admittedly I was a little worried looking at the photos that the cake platform would look a little cheap and plastic but it really doesn't in the flesh, it compliments the shoe and heel well and all works together oh so nicely in a world of chaos.

When ordering I wasn't able to take any chances and had to opt for ordering one pair in one size.. panicking thinking if I get it wrong they will have sold out before I realize! In Irregular Choice my standard size is a UK 6.5 (EU40) so I felt my best option was to order those and thank god they fit. They are a little snug, especially around the toes but nothing a good wear wouldn't sort. I'm glad I didn't size up as I think they would have been too big and slipping off.

Onto the facts and figures. The heel is a hefty 13.5cm but with a platform of 3cm they aren't the highest character heel and certainly don't feel as high as they look. What I will say tho is that because the platform is slightly narrower than the rest of the shoe they don't feel as instantly secure as a standard platform. I think you would need to take a little care if you have a tenancy to go over on your ankles in heels or if you have particularly weak ankles. This might be me over dramatizing it as I had a petty big fall from my 'Tall Tails' not long ago and that has made me a little nervous.

The soles on these are easily one of my favorites, like Star Wars they show stills from the film but each shoe is different which adds a lovely touch. Also from the other images I've seen each design has a different sole which is really fantastic to see! It does put you off from wearing them without protectors but they do deserve to be worn.

In summary my first experience of the Alice collection doesn't disappoint. These are a definite statement shoe with all the ingredients of actually being practical to walk in (if not for the faint hearted) When ordering don't worry about sizing up just make sure they are enjoyed.

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Thanks again for reading!

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