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Katt Dandy

Welcome to our blog all about the brand new One Love heels. We are only in December but this believe it or not is actually the start of the Spring/Summer collection for Irregular Choice. Which lets be honest seems completely insane! It's not even Christmas yer and we are thinking about Spring.

That being said I get so excited at the start of a new season as my poor bank account tried to hide in the corner and weep. I have already seen two or three styles that I absolutely love. It was a difficult decision on which to go for first but I decided to go for what I thought might sell out the quickest which was the One Love heels you can see today.

I have a pair of One Love heels in red hearts from a previous season and they are one of the most comfy shoes that I own. This launch came in three very different colours, a black, a brown and the blue pair that you can see here today.

It was a very difficult decision for me between the blue and the brown and I'm still not convinced that the brown pair might make their way into my collection, especially since I missed the amazing Cherry Deer heels in the brown. But this time for me it had to be the blue. The blue pair don't seem to have made their way onto the official Irregular Choice website as so far have only been available through independent stockists which has been a nice thought.

When looking at the stock photos of these I instantly thought of the Cherry Deer heels that came out a few years ago (you can read all about them: HERE). To me I just assumed they had reused the fabric with a much lower none character heel but it's not really until you get them together that you notice the differences. The deer on the One Love are much more refined along with being placed on a slightly bolder blue backdrop.

The design of these is a fairly simple one. One main fabric which runs from head to toe of the shoe with the gorgeous added detail of the glitter and bow at the front of each shoes. Finally topped off with the suede heel at the back.

I must admit I adore the shape of these shoes, the curved heel is something so beautiful and elegant it really makes me happy. I have always enjoyed a slightly more chunky heel than say Mal E Bows for example and these are just stunning.

Now the only gripe I have with these shoes, and it's a pathetic one is that they are my first pair of spring/summer shoes but we have yet to have seen the new box and heel design. These come with the classic floral box and sole. One of my favourite things about a new season is seeing what designs they come up with so fingers crossed we will get to see that sooner rather than later.

I mentioned earlier that my original One Love are one of my most comfortable pairs so I was expecting great things from these. While they remain true to the comfort of the original pair I do think I will need a heel raise for these ones as they are a little but close to the ankle bone when walking. Something which I'm used to on my Lazy Rivers and which is an easy fix.

The heel height on these is around 11cm but with a very sizeable platform of 2.5cm it makes them alot easier to walk in than most shoes. They feel very comfortable under foot and they feel much more like a mid range heel rather than the higher end.

As always I went for these in my usual size of UK 6.5 (EU40) and admittedly they are a little on the loose side. Not quite enough to size down but they are not as snug as a couple of my other pairs. I think they should be absolutely fine to walk in, but I think if you are between sizes then I would recommend that you size down rather than up.

Overall I love these shoes! They are simple yet beautiful which is just how I like them. I will admit I wish the sizing was a tad smaller just for my own peace of mind but overall they are brilliant. I would love to know what you think, especially on sizing for these so please drop us a comment on here or over on our Facebook page. Thank You.

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