Oh My - Mickey and Friends

Oh My.

Welcome to the fourth blog post from the latest Mickey and Friends collection and finally we are on to the character heels. These are always my favourite part of any collection as they are usually outrageous, head turning and outstanding pairs of shoes.

For this collection they are no different, we got a mix of two different character heels, Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse and one pair with a heel of each. I can't really hide my disappointment in the fact they we had no 'friends' as character heels! I was longing for a cute Pluto heel. But lets be honest, if it was me I would probably have the whole collection made up of character heels.

The pair we are going to talk about today come with the classic Minnie Mouse heel. This is the first time that I can remember that we have a slightly different method to creating the character heels. Normally heels of the past are quick thick/chunky and almost like a wedge. This time instead of the design consuming the whole heel Minnie Mouse is almost perched along the front of the heel.

It means we now have a much narrower heel than we are used to on our characters. This doesn't case any issues when walking as they fees as secure and steady as any other shoe but its interesting that they have decided to go this was. Hopefully it means opening up more design ideas for the future.

The uppers of this are beautifully simple but still so striking. The entire upper is covered in a black and white spotted smooth material. This is quite shiny and almost plastic but doesn't come across as cheap. As you make your way to the heel of the shoe we are greeted with beautiful gold stitching and one of my favourite things about the shoes.

Over the heel there is two round Mickey style hears that creep up and follow the line of your leg. These are such a cute addition to the traditional shape and I am totally in love with them. Finally you can't have a pair of shoes without a little glitter and we have that in the form of a small sparkling platform at the front of the shoe.

I ordered these in my normal size and length wise they fit perfectly. I found them a little strange to get on as they seem quite narrow around the knuckle of your foot. This isn't really the case when they are on and they don't feel tight at all but I did have a little panic when first trying to get them on. When wearing heels I have a very high arch and the one thing I did notice is that my arch is so tall that it almost touches the side of the shoe. I have never had this before and it feels a little uncomfortable like it could possibly rub after a few hours.

The heel height on these are almost the same height as the unicorn or the bunny heels, The Irregular Choice website lists the heels as 10.7cm but measuring mine they are more an 11.5cm heel with a 1.5cm platform. They don't feel as high as some of the other characters and have the feeling of more standard heels which is nice especially if you not a big lover of high heels.

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