Oh Boy! Mickey and Friends

Oh Boy!

Welcome to the first instalment (of many) talking about the recent amazing launch of Mickey and Friends by Irregular Choice.

I think this has to easily be the largest launch by Irregular Choice both in the collection size and the sheer amount of people that were stuck in the website queue come 12pm. I was on holiday when the collection went live so left it in the hands of my very well trained other half to nab the shoes for me. He has seen the process many times before and seemed confident.

That was until I get phone call to say he was nearly 3000th in line. Panic mode set in and I just frantically start listing independent stockists down the phone to him. Finally after searching everywhere I could think of we managed to get the main shoes I was looking for, ordering from no less than 5 stockists! (Thank you so much!)

At one point everyone was updated that there was 13,000 people in the queue system which to me is madness! Fingers crossed you all managed to get what you were looking for. I understand the system had a couple of glitches for a few of you and hopefully this is another learning curve as the popularity of the brand grows.

Now onto the shoes, these were one of the minority previewed before the 42 strong collection went live. I have always liked Anna Seeds which this shoe is based on but never managed to find a pair that fit. (I found they run a little large). While I liked these I was waiting to see what other delights were on offer before committing.

Strangely these were actually my last pair to be ordered but the first to arrive which was a nice surprise. I couldn't wait to see all the amazing little details that Irregular Choice is known for.

I wasn't disappointed the box is outstanding! A different photo on each side which I am so in love with! The tissue paper is another personal fave for me! They always deliver something I want to cut up and frame. This is no exception, all your favourites displayed in all their pink/purple glory.

The design of these are very simple, but still turn heads amazingly well. As I mentioned before they are based on an old classic Anna Seed but obviously have been converted to full Disney. The complete upper is covered head to toe in super sparkly red glitter which really catches the light beautifully. While the unusual heel is also given the full glitter makeover but this time with a suitable gold that matches the interior of the shoe nicely.

Aside from the full glitter you have a subtly stitched 'Mickey Mouse' on the side of each shoe with little hearts. In some lightly this is slightly difficult to see with it being black but I think it would look a little too plain without anything there.

Now onto the main attraction the giant Micky head. I was worried that this would look a little cheap and nasty but its the total opposite. The quality of the stitching and material on this is great! On the stock photos of this I thought it was going to be matt material but its actually really smooth and shiny. The ears are also made of smooth material and they actually stick up and come away from the head which is a nice touch.

Even after saying my Anna Seeds were a little too big I went for these in my usual size UK 6.5 (EU40) and they fit perfectly. I would buy your usual size in these. The one thing I would say with the fit is I'm finding the top of Mickeys head quite rough and sore when standing up in them. I have quite a high arch and these will really need breaking in before I go out a full evening in them as that part will need to soften quite alot. Please let me know if your the same as I'm not sure if its my feet.

I hope you have enjoyed the first edition of Mickey and Friends I hope to cover more parts as the other pairs start to arrive. Thanks again for reading!

Please also let me know through our Facebook (HERE) what pairs you would like to see reviewed or eve what you ended up with! I love seeing peoples fave buys! Thanks

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