Ocean Vibes 2.0 - Erstwilder February 2018

Welcome to the second Erstwilder launch of 2018. We were teased very late last year about a new Ocean Vibes collection and finally min February it has arrived.

At the moment it seems like everybody is jumping on the Ocean/Sealife theme which is why I think Erstwilder decided to launch a sneak peek so early. Obviously each of these designs form various designers takes weeks if not months to come to light so I can see the difficulty in three or more people launching a sealife collection at the same time. Purely out of coincidence.

This collection is quite a big one again with a little something to suit everybody's taste. In the collection we have three necklaces, one pair of earrings and thirteen different brooches. How I am going to pick I will never know.

I am delighted with this collection, when I heard that we were getting an Ocean Vibes 2.0 collection I thought we would be getting a mix of new pieces and recolours like we have done in the past but to my knowledge we have a completely new collection and its brilliant.

Lets start with the necklaces, we have three very different necklaces, the kraken which is the largest of the three. This seems like a stand alone piece in this collection but would go very well with the brooch that was launches later last year.

The next is a gorgeous crustacean who is made out of the most gorgeous red resin and comes with a matching brooch. I do love this necklace and this was one of the early sneak peeks we saw. Unfortunately the one I received arrived broken and looks like this could be quite a common issue. I will be getting a replacement so I'm not concerned but if you are worried about damage then this is not the necklace for you.

Lastly the Jellyfish necklace. This comes with both a matching brooch and earrings. You can just take my money now. This is my favourite by far and looks amazing! I can't wait to start finding outfits to wear with this. I wasn't sure I was going to keep all three in the series but after seeing them I really couldn't not.

The remaining brooches are made up mostly from beautiful animals of the ocean but we are treated to a landlady and a merman. People have been calling out for a merman for some time now as we have so many mermaids without a male friend so this is an excellent addition.

In this collection we have a good mix of resin finishes too, with half the collection being a more iridescent shimmering resin, the other half sticks to the more bold traditional Erstwilder designs with big block bright colours.

I must admit I prefer the pieces with the unique resins, with of course the exception of the prawn. I have no idea why but I bloomin love him! He is going to be a keeper for me.

This is going to be the collection I keep the most from in a long while, I can;t decide what should stay and what should go but I know I will have to part with some as I can't have them all.

So which are your favourite pieces? In true tradition my top 5 would be... Jellyfish Necklace, Jellyfish Earrings, Narwhal, Crab Necklace and then the Merman. Closely followed by the lobster and the prawn.

I would love to hear what you thought! You can leave a comment below or head on over to our Facebook page: HERE and tell us what you think. Thank You!

You can shop the whole collection: HERE but don't forget to show us what you bought! <3

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