Norbert - Gnome Heel

Norbert - Gnome

Today I am going to talk a little about my latest character heel addition Norbert. The Autumn/Winter range is just around the corner and I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of all new styles especially new characters. We have had a distinct lack of character heels in the past few weeks, apart from these beauties giving everyone's bank balance a hard time after appearing on the website just one day after the Star Wars collection had been launched.

This particular pair were actually released a couple of years ago under the name ''There's no place like Gnome' and it seems the Irregular Choice had either found sizeable stock or given us a little treat with an additional print run of these as there didn't seem to be too many pairs listed on the website and in turn sold our very quickly in the popular sizes.

You can tell that it was part of the 2013 collection by the box and sole. No something to be worried about personally as its easily in my top three sole designs by Irregular Choice and I am just pleased that I was able to nab myself a pair as I already have a pair of Chuckles (
HERE) that are very comfortable.

The design for these is very simple and follows suit with alot of the Thumper heels which have the same design in different colours. The upper of these is on solid piece of blue fabric covering 90% of the shoe. The rest if made up of an intricate band of embroidery around the base of the shoe. For me combined with the button of similar style it always reminds me of a Russian doll or Russian tapestry. If you read a few of my blogs you will become accustomed to my strange thoughts on designs, for that I apologise.

Unlike the Thumpers because of the narrower heel they don't look as clumpy and wedge like, the have a slight elegance about them because of the gnome being more the size of a traditional heel opposed to the bunny taking up all the room.

The strap across the foot opens and closes with Velcro, leaving the button for decoration only. I have never had any problems with Irregular Choice Velcro straps and these are no exception. If anything the straps are a little long for me feet, to pull them over comfortably isn't an issue but if you wanted them extra tight you might run into a problem. Because the straps are so generous they would be more forgiving to those of us who have slightly wider feet which is always nice to see.

Size wise, I am always a UK 6.5 (EU 40) in Irregular Choice and like all my shoes I have ordered just that size. While I felt that in my other pair of gnome heels it was nice to size up, I really don't feel that these needed it at all. My feet fit in perfectly and comfortably and I can imagine they would only soften even more with time, so no need to size up at all.

Like most character heels the heel is a solid 12cm but due to the slight wedge at the front and the support in having the strap, I personally find them easy to walk in and thicker than a standard heel so they are not too problematic to walk in. They are the same height, as Unicorns and Bunnies so if you find them a reasonable height then these shouldn't pose you any problems.

In conclusion, these are always going to be marmite shoes with gnomes not always being the most popular choice but they are, lovely, comfy and true to size. Plus for me its what its all about to have shoes that make people stop and stare!

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