Ninety Nine - Ice Cream Heels

Ninety Nine - Ice Cream Heels

After my holiday and the uncharacteristically good weather here in Scotland I'm officially ready for summer. My wardrobe might not be but my shoe collection is ready for all weathers. This is why I have decided to pick these lovely Ice Cream heels to review for this week.

They were first released in late March 2015, which if I'm honest was a little bit of a shock to me, I thought they were much older, not through the look of them but they almost seem a classic character heel that everyone should own.

They came in a variety of styles and designs, each with a very summery sandal feel. Two things remained consistent for each of the designs and that was a Neapolitan style ice cream heel and the open toe design.

One of the favorite design aspects of this shoe it the straps, the black glitter was always going to be a winner with me, but I adore the white finish on top, which I think is supposed to be melting ice cream. It isn't often that the upper of the shoe holds a nod to the heel, and this one is just perfect.

The quality and detail on this pair is stunning, the photos really don't do them any justice but I have tried my best to show you the brilliant fabric and touches that they bring. The stock photos make them look cool (excuse the pun) but in real life they are much much more, and quite understated as a pair I feel.

I spoke alot in my blog about Paw Prints about how much my feet don't agree with open toe shoes, but here I am again with another pair. I am pleased to say that I get on much better with these. Because they are straps and not a solid shoe they are alot softer and more flexible. My feet don't instantly hurt which is brilliant although I think on a long day out my little toe might take a beating.

In Irregular Choice I am always a UK 6.5 (EU40) and im always pleased to say that these are no exception. The length of them is just right, because of the sandal style with strap around the foot you might be able to get away with a size bigger but personally I would always aim for the correct size.

I am quite fortunate in the respect that I don't seem to have wide feet or many issues, so the strap on these fits perfectly with two more holes for added room. I feel that they would be suitable for most types of ankle as there is so much room in my pair, but if you have any different information I would love to hear it.

These are also a very popular character heel because of the heel height, it is alot lower than most. They come with a heel height of 7.5cm with a wedge of nearly 2.5cm which makes them an absolute delight to walk in for those who aren't keen on the higher heels.

In summary, they are a fun, bright comfortable shoe that wouldn't be out of place in any summer wardrobe.

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