Nibbles McNutty - Squirrel Heels

Nibbles McNutty

Welcome to our review of the latest character heel to grace the Irregular Choice collection. Before we even get into the review of these beauties can I just point out that these are possibly the best named pair of shoes I own! In fact that whole collection came with quite humorous names.

If you haven't already guessed today we are going to be talking about the new Nibbles McNutty shoes lanched by Irregular Choice a couple of weeks ago now. They are featuring an adorable squirrel heel for all our autumnal needs. It is the first new character shape since the swans earlier in the year and they really have captured our hearts.

The collection featured three different designs over a multitude of colours and after telling myself I was only going to buy one pair I ended up with three, although one has now found a new forever home, they were just too irresistible,

We has seen a little sneak peek of a Nibbles pair on the teaser announcement and I loved thought of bright colours combined with the warmth of the brown heel. This pair in particular came in three different colourways. Black, Pink and a Green that was an independent exclusive. At the 12pm launch I didn't notice that the green pair had been available so I went ahead and ordered the pink pair from Irregular Choice then the green pair from a Rockamilly. Knowing that one would have to go back I thought it best see them both in person before making the decision on which colour I liked better.

Fast forward a week and they were both in my possession and it really was a tough decision. One of my favourite things about Irregular Choice besides the uniqueness of the brand is the fabric choice. These do not disappoint, while the upper colour of the fabric on these two might be a little different there is a stunning fabric underneath that is just brilliant. It it almost petrol coloured and in the right light shimmers a rainbow of colours without detracting from the overall look of the shoe.

The front and heel of each shoe is covered in a large little heart in its respected colour. One of the reasons I decided to keep the green pair over the pink was this heart. I didn't think the pink of fit in quite as well as the green and would have liked it to be a shade or two darker so it wouldn't stand out quite as much. The pink one looks almost florescent and it wasn't quite for me.

A personal favourite for many is the little addition of charms that we are used to seeing on Trinkletina  shoes, this time they are adorable little knitted nuts! I love these so much they are a really cute addition to what otherwise would be a fairly simple design. Even tho they are quite light unlike the charms we are used to they seem to stay down when walking on them.

The squirrels themselves are so bloomin cute! They look like they have been up to no good, stealing other peoples food and by their had positions have eaten a little too much! The best bit, that I have tried to show on photos is their little furry tummies! What a great idea! Just remember not to walk through a muddle field with them or they might not be so white!

Now onto the fact and figures for anyone that is still looking for a pair. The heel height on these is around 9cm which is alot lower than most of the other character heels and more inline with those of Lambies rather than Unicorns. This does make them very comfortable to wear and you do feel like most of your foot is on the floor rather than pointing vertically which always helps.

For me there is only one really disappointing thing about these shoes and that is how they size. I am normally a UK 6.5 (EU40) in about 95% of all my Irregular Choice shoes so I have no problems ordering these in that same size. Once they arrived and were tried on they were HUGE with a capital H. Both pairs have since gone back and the eagle eyes of you might be able to tell that the green pair in all these photographs are a EU39 and not a 40. They fit much much better so I would recommend sizing down a full size in these to avoid disappointment.

Overall the shoes are beautiful! Comfy in the right size and I feel the squirrel is a brilliant addition to the character family. I would love to know what you think about these? Did you also have to size down?

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