Mystical Dream - Irregular Choice Slippers

Welcome to our first ever blog all about Irregular Choice slippers!

This is the first season that Irregular Choice have decided to launch a range of slippers. A welcome addition for most. I must admit that when not working I spend an obscene amount of time wearing slippers, far more so than any other shoe. For me it's great to be able to have something different and a little bit more robust to wander around the house in.

We were treated to a modest range of just four slippers for the first launch, all in very cute animal form. A Cat, Dog, Bear and the ones I'm going to talk about today which are the Unicorn ones. If you are a fan of Irregular Choice you will know that each of these are loosely based on previous outdoor designs for the company, which have always had a very fun and relaxed appearance, so it's nice to finally have a dedicated pair to wear around the house.

When I heard that Irregular Choice were going to be doing slippers I couldn't contain my excitement, and seeing the designs there were two that really stood out to me. Sleepy Ted, and Mystical Dreams. It wasn't until I saw the price that I was a little put off. I know Irregular Choice is a higher end brand but I had never spent that much on a pair of slippers before.

I left it at that to be honest not really thinking much about it, until Christmas morning when I was lucky enough to get a pair as a gift! I wasn't really sure what to expect when opening them as this will be the first time I've had really nice quality slippers. I had quite expectations considering the original £60 price tag for these.

I must say I wasn't disappointed, the detail and the fabric is simply gorgeous! There is so many little things that you don't see in the stock photos that I loved in real life. For example the little tassel tail at the back, very cute and not too long so it won't get stood on. As always there is some amazing iridescent fabric on these which just shimmers differently in each light.

Each pair is fully lined inside with the most soft, fluffy fur you could ever possibly want. This makes them feel brilliant on your feet, but not too overbearing as I know some fluffy shoes can be irritating.

These are also properly soled with a firm but comfortable rubber sole. Most of my slippers I already own have little or no sole so its feels nice being able to walk around in what feels like a very stable shoe. For me this also adds to the feeling of quality with these as they are less likely to become worn or dirty and if you do need to nip outside in them they won't be ruined.

Size wise, these were ordered in my normal UK 6.5 (EU40) and they fit perfectly. With them being so soft I will be wearing these without socks but there is enough stretch in them to accommodate normal socks. I must admit this is the first pair of slippers than I have owned that have been sized normally I'm a budget size 5-8 kinda gal, so its lovely to put a pair on and not have my feet slide up and down the shoe when walking.

In conclusion I do love this addition to the range, it's something that can suit almost everyone and while they might still be a little pricey for slippers I do thing it is nice to make the shoes a little more affordable. The jury is still out on if they are worth the £60 price tag and for me that all depends on how they wear long term but looks wise you can't beat them.

Also if you are looking for a bargain many independent stockists have these in their sales at the moment. I you can get them with a little money off I would highly recommend them!

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