My Cup of Tea - Alice in Wonderland

My Cup Of Tea - Alice Two

Finally Alice has arrived for the second time! We didn't have too much time to prepare for this launch which was both nice and slightly frustrating for everyone's bank balance. It did on the other hand mean that we didn't have to wait too long for the anticipation to build before seeing the whole collection.

This was one of the first launches that I havn't been able to spot any leaks on social media before the actual release, the only photo I had seen was of the shoes I'm going to talk about today but that was months ago so I didn't think too much of it. I know I shouldn't but I do enjoy seeing snippets of pairs yet to be announced as this gives me more time to make up my mind and budget for how many pairs I think I will fall in love with.

There was three official photos announced before the launch and I must be honest and say I wasn't really keen on any of them. I can't wear high boots because of my giant calves, and I wasnt a big fan of the lower styles this time round so it left me with a bit of doubt on whether I would even like any of the new range.

The launch followed the exact same formula as the last Star Wars launch, around 11:45 we were all put into a queing system where by we each got a turn to browse the website and 20 mins to make any purchases before you were pushed to be back of the line. Once again I think this worked really well and fingers crossed everyone was able to get what they were after.

At first glance I must admit that I wasn't blown away by the collection as whole. I left that the first Alice collection had more about it, and these don't seem to have the same appeal to me. There was an overall darker theme with these with the predominant colours being black and blue. With the second Star Wars collection I felt that they really outdid themselves and I think I was expecting bigger things from this launch. 

Having said that I did walk away with two beautiful pairs, 'Who in the World am I?' and 'My Cup of Tea' which I am going to talk about today. There did seem to be alot of choice for people who prefer flat shoes, which is nice but for me its always about the character heels!

While waiting in line for the Irregular Choice website I had a quick browse of the Schuh website as I had a 15% off review code that was burning a hole in my pocket. I knew which two pairs I was after so if they had them both then they would be amazing but failing that one pair with 15% off would do me just nicely and here they are, in my hands a mere 24 hours later.

It was a difficult choice for me to pick between the blue and the pink and if I had an endless money tree in the garden I would have maybe gone for both. The only reason I went for the pink pair was because I had 'One Lump or Two' in blue from the previous release. 

The design on these is quite simple for the most part, the uppers are almost completely made up of one single fabric which follows the trend of the 'Rock 'n' Roll Bride' wedding shoe that we got a taste of earlier this month. Its completely glittery all over not just on the hears which is a brilliant. Anyone who knows me knows I love a bit of sparkle!

The front is made up of an even more bold glitter edging which sets the whole thing off really nicely. Combined with not one, not two but three oversized bows in different fabrics, these really are a statement shoe. I think the bows at the back have to be one of my favourite parts of the shoe, I'm just in love with them! Its nice to see a bow being used in a slightly different format. Its makes the shoes stand out, but without being over the top. It was nice to see how different they were and how much they dominated when I photographed them with the 'One Lump or Two?' pair.

I do love the more mary-jane style with these, it always fills me with more confidence knowing that there is a strap to keep my feet exactly where they need to be. A top from mine is these are not shoes you can wear if you need to get them off in a hurry. I found the strap rather wide in comparison to the buckle which made putting them on and taking them off rather time consuming and a little annoying. This might just be my pair tho so I would love to hear your thoughts.

The cup and saucer heel is exactly the same as its predecessor which does make it one of the highest and most striking heels in the collection, but more on that a little later. While I love the heel I would have loved from them to do a 'Star Wars' and change the heel up a little bit. I understand Alice herself always wears blue but it would have been nice to have a pink cup and saucer to go with these uppers and keep the blue one for the blue uppers, what do you think? I mean it isn't enough to stop me buying them but a little bit of my OCD twinges when I think about it.

Now onto sizing, as always I ordered my usual size of a UK 6.5 (EU40) in these and they fit perfectly. I don't see a need to size up or size down and even with a strap to keep your feet in place I feel a size bigger would be far too big. With regards to comfort, they don't fee too high on your feet which is nice, they do suffer from a similar problem to the swan heels in the respect that the pointed toe isn't going to be favourable for everyone but it doesn't both me too much at all.

Onto the facts and figures. The heel is a hefty 13.5cm but with a platform of 3cm they aren't the highest character heel and certainly don't feel as high as they look. What I will say tho is that because the platform is slightly narrower than the rest of the shoe they don't feel as instantly secure as a standard platform. I think you would need to take a little care if you have a tenancy to go over on your ankles in heels or if you have particularly weak ankles. This might be me over dramatizing it as I had a petty big fall from my 'Tall Tails' not long ago and that has made me a little nervous. I know many people havn't had any problems with them so I think I'm being a tad over dramatic.

In summary, they really are beautiful. They made me feel amazing when wearing them, more so than the original pair did. They are nice and girls but offer a slightly less bold blue pair so I feel they are something to suit everyone. Easily my favourite from the collection and the ones I have been waiting for since that first snap spotted on Instagram all those months ago.

I hope you have enjoyed reading, I will be updating with one more pair from the Alice launch when they arrive from Irregular Choice headquarters later on in the week. In my meantime I would love to see what you managed to nab if anything or whats on your wishlist.

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